Monday, May 9, 2016

K Club Special Part 26 - Kay Campbell Part 4!

Has it been a year already?  I looked up and realized that it's time for another round of K Club Specials of the Big Four.

When I started this blog I never imagined that we'd at this point four years later!  So let's take another look at Kay!

And why not start where we left off with another pic of Kay as a Jantzen Smile Girls (1)).  Yeah, about a week after my post on Kay's Smile Girl career, I found another photo of their trip to London.  I've had to wait an entire year to post it! (Kay is third from the left)

Of course, we know Kay best as "The Queen of the Catalogs."  To say she was a mainstay of the late 60s and 70s Big Books, is an understatement.  Every catalog, every section had her big smile and wide eyes made all the groovy fashions irresistible. (2)

Like here!  Gotta love the matching purse and shoes!

Let's check out some other pics of Kay's early catalog career...

Not all the 70s fashions made Kay smile however.....
That pants outfit is one "groovy" 70s style that didn't take off!

Now for a couple of my favorite Kay pics of all time....

....and double Wow!!  I think that we can all agree that Kay deserved the title "Queen of the Catalogs!"


(1) This pic has rights reserved.  Please contact me if you wish to use.  Thanks!

(2) Pic is courtesy of LL's Playhouse. Thanks!


  1. Kay always got the worst of the outfits to model (re: previous posts on godawful plaid pantsuits, giant bellbottoms, etc). She must have been able to sell anything!.

    1. You have a point there. She must have been the "go to" model if something wasn't moving. I guess that was a honor, of sorts. You have given me an idea for a post - a "comparative study" of which model got the craziest outfits to model. Thanks!