Monday, May 23, 2016

Big Book Catalog Series (Part 11) Environment '70

The year - 1970.  In many ways America was at the apogee of its power and influence worldwide.  We had landed a man on the moon and the sky was literally no limit on what we could achieve (1),  American manufacturing reigned supreme, and our culture was being exported to every corner of the world.

So what was the big issue from the Wards 1970 FW catalog?  Well it was something called Environment '70.  Environment '70 is a fascinating look at the transition from the 60s with its loud psychedelic styles and futuristic bright colors, to the 70s with its earth tone colors and a more subdued look.

First up is a living room scene that could have come straight out of The Jetsons with its futuristic vibe.

Contrast that look with the styles that dominated the early 70s....
Like here! Ear tone overload for sure.  Check out the outfit on the left: a earth tone jumpsuit with a matching poncho.  All I can say is "That's Soooooo 70s!"

But the mod styles of the 60s weren't quite done with yet............
Groovy Baby!!  We have us a regular high tech "love pad" which included a room sculpture (complete with babe on top!), and as a bonus in the lower left, a laptop.  WHAT a laptop?!?! Were they that ahead of their time?  Nah, it's just a screen that says LOVE in a goovetastic font.  Still it's eerily prescient of things to come!!

But back to the 70 with more earth tones and ponchos.  This time complete with Native American themed stitching (oh no, am I going to get in trouble with the PC internet police?  "No, no I didn't mean any harm.  I'll even sign a petition for the Washington Redskins to change their name.  Please don't block my site.  NOOOOoooooooo!!!")

Whew!! I was worried there for a moment.  People are so touchy these days!!  Where was I??  Oh yeah, back to the futuristic 60s style love pad, complete with babe in repose this time!!

Well let's wrap up the is Environment '70 special before I get into any more trouble!  I can't tell if this belongs on the 60s or 70s.  Hmmm, on the right it says "Slink you can swing in."  Yep, must be the 70s for sure!!

So what about our favorite 70s models?
Well, Kathy and Kay could make wither style work great!  One thing that unified the eras was the mini.  Ahhh!  

Yep, the minis were great!!

Need I say more??  That's the type of Environment '70 that we can all agree on!!

So the ladies are looking fine. What about the guys??
Oh my!! Not sure the "Environment '70" movement was very kind to them!!


(1) Well there was that little thing called the Vietnam War, But let's not bring that up here...


  1. I love EVERYTHING in the first two furniture photos. I'd easily buy every piece in those pages that was up for sale! I also love the colorful flower print on the wall in the third photo. So groovy!

    1. Yes, those pics are giving me ideas for my 70s dream pad. I'd never thought about a room integrated with a sculpture before!! I love all the furniture in the first two photos also. Very mod and far out man.