Monday, November 21, 2016

That's So 70s, Winter Wear - Part 5!!

Finally, finally, the first cold (okay kind of cool) weather hits South Texas which allows me to finally, finally crank out another post on the wonderful, groove-tatsic winter wear of the 70s Big Book Catalogs!!

Admittedly these coats are not all that 70s chic.  Still Dottie is wearing a pretty stylish jacket described as "fake fur is real fashion."  Whew, perhaps we can get through a post on winter wear without offending the PETA types (we'll see!!)

When you say "winter wear" you'll really saying "groovy knit caps, scarfs, and mittens"!!

 Can't get much cuter than that - especially in wintertime.

 All kinds of mod winter happenings here.  And it appears that taht Kathy has gotten into teh knits too!! (This pic and the following pic are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!)

Yep, very nice!!

Piles and piles of groovy 70s winter polyesters - and not a real fabric in sight.  Yep, it looks lkek I might finally get through a post of winter without offending.......

Whoops!  Spoke too soon.  Real leather?!?  And real leather boots?!?

Ahhh, back to the man made fibers - along with a little wool which I don't think anyone will find objectionable.  Wait, what's that teeny pic in the upper left??

Why it's Kathy and friend.  That is about the smallest pic of Kathy I've seen so far in these catalogs!


  1. So cute! Loving all these cute hats and coats.
    xx, Kristi

  2. Great tips! I love lots of thin layers and I can’t imagine leaving the house without sunglasses. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. That dress is so cute! Sometimes long sleeve dresses feel too sweet but I love this one with the edgy black lace.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoy the blog

  4. great style tips, i will suggest these to my friends and familiy to have a look.