Monday, November 14, 2016

Models Behaving Badly, Part 3 - The Couples!!

Well, well, first it was the men who showed us the cruder side of 70s modeling and then teh ladies, ahem, showed us that all was not, wute so ladylike back then.  In case you need a refresher, check out these two posts.

But that's nothing compared to when they team up.  That's when the mischief and youthful hooliganism hits the fan!!

like Wow. Just. Wow.  Just so many Happening here: Riding a motorcycle with open toe shoes, arms out wide, and AND no helmet!! Yeah, ride with the wind in your hair like you got no care. (Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks)

Except, except, it doesn't appear that the motorcycle is actually moving.  Uhhh, how embarrassing - so much for their bad boy and bad girl images.  Maybe next time they should have thought about NOT having the kickstand down.

So when then the motorcycle doesn't make you look like a tough guy, there's only one thing left to do.  Go topless.....
Ha, ha, got you!!  Naturally, this being a G rated blog and all, I can't go there.  But I can show you "cool shirtless dude with scarf."  Whatever game he's got, it appears to be working.  After all, Kathy ditched Harley Boy for him.  Still these two young miscreants look like trouble to me!!

So does the scarf suddenly make you a "bad boy?"

Nahhh.  If the only thing this guy notices is that, then, well, the scarf isn't going to help his image.  Maybe that's why he has to ride in the back!!

And don't think that this 70s juvenile delinquency was limited to the wanna be motorcycle gangs....
Nope.  "Hey you guys! Just because daddy bought you a boat doesn't mean you flaunt all the safety rules.  Get back in the boat young man!!!!"

First we stared out on land, then moved to the water, now we're back on land with these three for a little off-roading.  Which let's face it, isn't that mischievous.  Still, why is the gal, who is dressed like the guy on the left letting the guy on the right put his arm around her.  I don't think we can go there (it's still a G rated blog after all.)

So much 70s grooviness going on here that it's easy to almost miss Kathy behaving very, very badly. For shame Kathy, for shame!!

All this youthful hooliganism started outside, but it ends, as if often does, at the bar with some youthful high jinx involved!!

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