Monday, November 7, 2016

When Life Was Groovy Part 4 - Fall Dresses!!

We are most definitely in the Autumn season now.  And with the temperatures cooling, everyone well into the Fall semester at school, and Thanksgiving just around the corner, what better time to take a look back at some uber cool Fall dresses from the 70s Big Book catalogs!

And to keep it classy (because this is ALWAYS such a classy blog) let's make this an all Spiegel look at Fall dresses! (1)

These dresses are very cool, but they're also pretty hot! Let's take a close up of the dress Kathy is wearing in the middle...

Yep, Autumn leaves - perfect for Fall (and the other dresses are nice too!)

More classiness from Spiegel.

"Okay, everyone step to your right, hold your Coca Cola and look left to read a book."

Now everyone step to your left, keep looking left and...Kathy you're out of sync here!  And no, it isn't time for a coffee break so put down that cup!!

 Spiegel could get groovy (sort of) when it came to those all important "back to school" fashions!

 More cool dresses for Fall from Spiegel!  Still, where is that touch of 70s grooviness that we have come to expect from the Big book catalogs?

Okay, this is more like it!  We've got some real 70s grooviness form Kathy and Donna.  But I have one question "What's up with the ropes?  And why are they on the floor on the left and hanging from the ceiling on the right?  And why are Kathy's boots blue?"  Well that's three questions, but you get the idea.

Yes Fall was a time for fashions from Spiegel (check out that old typewriter!!)

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