Monday, October 31, 2016

K Club Special - Part 30 - Peggy Palmer

Continuing our review of some many of the popular catalog models of the 70s, this time we'll highlight Peggy Palmer.

Who was that you ask?
Oh yeah, THAT model.  You know, one of the ones that frequented the "dedicates" section of the Big Book catalogs (not that I remember anything about!?!?)

Yes, normally this is strictly a G rated blog.  However, this week it may have to stray into the PG area a bit.

You may notice that the pics in this post have been cropped - not that there is anything really that revealing by today's standards,  Still I try not to offend anyone just in case.

Peggy also appeared in other sections of the Big Books.
Whew!! Those "Penn-Press polyesters" are a  lot less risky!

Still more typical pics from JCP.

Another tic tac toe game, but this time it looks like somebody won!

Peggy didn't often appear with the other "K Clubbers", but here is is with Colleen and Dottie.

And there are very few pics of her with Kathy.  In fact this one from a Lana Lobbel catalog is the only one that I've found.

Another pic form the same Lana Lobbel catalog - nice giant collars.

 More Peggy, this time from Bellas Hess! Very nice, very cute!

Hugger Knits just in time for Autumn.

Peggy's career started in the 60s and certainly included a lot more than just catalog modeling...
 The cover of Cosmo!!

And another Cosmo cover - very 60s hairstyle!!

Still for many of us Peggy will be remembered for her appearances in those Big Book catalogs...
Very, very nice!!

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