Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sizzlin' by the Shore - Part 10!!

Or rather this post should be called "Sizzlin' By The Pool" because we're going to leave the beach babies behind and head poolside to check out all the super sizzlin' action inland!!

Oh groovy baby!!  The early 70s certainly sizzled by the pool with these psychedelic inspired swim fashions by Kathy and friend.  Who needs the beach with babes like these hanging around the fresh water!

And how about Jayne Modean for making one want to spring into the pool life?

More pools and more pool babes from the early 70s!!  This time with Kathy Jackson.  I'd say these gals definitely pulled off "The Wow Looks!"

"Beach Fare", but they're by the pool not the beach??  Oh well close enough.  This time it's another Jane along with Karen and Kathy that show us why we miss those 70s!!

Sighhh, Yes we miss them!

Like I've mentioned before, the gals just seemed to be cuter back then, more feminine.  I can't decide if that's the case or it's just me.

I don't think it's me.......

A little further inland and now we're traveling by mopeds.  Safety First!!  Gotta have that safety helmet on - even though you're in a swimsuit.  Yep makes perfect sense???

And what do we find on our inland trek??
The beach is great and the pool scene is cool.  But this pic has me convinced that 70s swimwear sizzled by land, sea, and pool!!!


  1. Does anyone know who the model in the red swimsuit in picture #2 is? She appeared regularly in catalogs and ads in the 1980s and less frequently in the 1990s. Someone speculated that it might be Dana Plato from Diff'rent Strokes, but I don't think so.

    1. Good question, I don't know her name. She was a regular after Kathy sort of faded from the scene. I can see the resemblance to Dana, but I agree that it's not her. Whoever she was, she was pretty!