Monday, October 24, 2016

When Life Was Groovy - Part 3!!

And nothing was groovier in the 70s than.....

Coordinates!!  Well maybe there were things way more groovy, but with Kathy, Barbara, and Donna showing us the styles, well that's pretty groovy if you ask me!!

And not only are the clothes coordinated, they come with uber-groovy coordinated clogs!!  What's with the question mark on Kathy's blouse?  Well I guess if you don't know what the question is, you'll never have the answer - maybe it has something to do with the cool little white hat!!

So the red and white brights are a bit too much for you?  Well those groovy 70s coordinates came in soothing peach too!  And they certainly make Dona and Kathy beam their killer smiles!!

Yep, that's a million dollar smile if I ever saw one!!

Just when you thought the coordinates couldn't get any groovier......
 They show up in denim!!  And, of course, they came with matching clogs also!!

Was Kathy the go-to model for the cool white hat?!?  Well that smile certainly makes it look like a perfect match for those denim bell bottoms.  All I can say is "That's Sooooo 70s."

I've been looking for love in all the wrong laces.....I spoke too soon!!  Just when you thought you had the groovy life of the 70s figured out, they go country on you!!  Which is pretty cool, especially with a pretty gal like Kathy.

Hey, isn't that a tic tac toe game on Kathy's blouse?  Perhaps solving that gives yo the answer to question in the second pic?!? Well I guess we'll never know.  That will have to remain one of the mysteries of why the 70s were "When Life Was Groovy."

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