Monday, March 6, 2017

Random Goodness: Roaman's!

No, that's not a typo.  It's Roaman's, not Romans. (1)  "What the heck does he mean by that?"  You may be wondering.  Well Roaman's is just another in our ever "expanding" (2) collection of catalogs from the 70s!  Groovy Baby!!

"The Young Look for Large and Half Sizes."  Oh no, apparently Roaman's specialized in fashions for, ahem, how should I oh so carefully put this, plus size women (obviously a "growth" industry here in America, okay THAT was uncalled for.  Bad blogger, VERY BAD Blogger.)

Certainly our favorite 70s catalog models wouldn't be found here.  After all they were all stick thin.....
......And you would be wrong in that assumption.  Somehow I doubt that Kathy or Dottie had to do much stretching in order to get into these two way S-T-R-E-T-C-H shirts and pants.

Even Colleen and Peggy appeared in the pages of Roaman's. But surely they wouldn't DARE put any of these skinny models in moo moos.  Would they???

 Well, yes they would, and they did!!  Still Kathy makes even a smock top look good!.

Well as good as a smock top can look anyway.  Note the wording "Save time and Energy..."  Look, any gal that has to wear these probably shouldn't worry about saving energy! (Sorry, there I go again.  Bad Blogger!)

I'm sorry, but both Colleen and Peggy look like those garments are about to swallow them up!

I assume that the O's pretty much just let the X's win that game!

More typical Roaman's fare.  Yawn.

A nice pic of Kathy.  That'll certainly perk me up!  That particular pose by Kathy is one I've seen in several of her other pics.  It's always been one of my favorites.  And, BTW, whenever they talk about fashions been "flattering" or having a "layered" look, that means it's basically trying to cover everything up.

Interesting.  This is basically a nice way of saying "Hey, you keep getting our catalog, but you haven't ordered anything.  Order something or else."  I suppose they had to do that.  Still I like the part about opening a "Stretch" credit line (and you thought I was bad!)

I've commented on this before, but it is amazing to look back at 1976, the year of The Bicentennial. Compared to today, it was pretty low key in the Rah, Rah, USA, USA stuff.  This one Roaman's catalog had more about the Bicentennial than all the other big name catalogs combined.

Still I had to notice the line "Good taste is the same for any woman, size 8 to 58 (shudder, the horror, the horror.)


(1) Of all the mail order catalogs that were around in the 70s, Roaman's is one of the few that is still going.  I suppose their niche market was a growth market after all (Bad blogger, VERY VERY Bad.)

(2) Pun intended.

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