Monday, March 27, 2017

That's So 70s - High Rise Pants, Part 6!!

Has it really been over a year since we explored that wacky 70s fashion craze of the the High Rise Pants?!?  Granted, they don;t generate the heart pounding excitement of the mini skirts or the swimwear.  Still they had their moments!!

Like here with Kathy and Karen.  Let's face, high risers (along with some of the other 70s fashions like bodysuits) required a certain, well, body shape to pull off.

Perhaps that's why we don't see them so much these days.  Not everyone can pull off that look anymore.

Yep, the "Lean Body Look" is a relic of a by gone era.   Gee, thanks high fructose corn syrup for transforming America!!

Those high risers were even great in four piece ensembles!

Even the guys got into the act!  Well, let's not go there.  Let's get back to the gals shall we?!?

Much, much better!

Sometimes it was kinda difficult to tell if the pants worn by the models were high risers or not.  Like here with Kathy and Colleen.  Colleen definitely has the high rise look going on, but what about Kathy?  I can't quite tell, the pic at the lower left is cut off.......

Oh yeah, no doubt about it!!

High Rise pants meant High Flying fun for the jet setters in the 70s!!

I just had to throw this pic in the post, not sure why.  All I can say is "That's soooo 70s!!)

One more look at Karen and Kathy.  "Why are they so happy?" you ask.  Well you would be too if you killing it in those 70s High Rise Pants man!!


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