Monday, March 13, 2017

Sizzlin' By the Shore - Part 11 Spring Break Edition!!

The following is a continuation of a conversation between a guy and his grandson about the 70s.
"Hey son, it's Spring Break.  Do you have any plans?"

"Nah, I don't know Grandpa. I guess I'll just hang out here with my friends."

"I don't know whats wrong with you kids these days.  Back when I was in college, going down to Florida was a rite of passage.  Say, I think I know how I can motivate you!"

"Oh wow, Grandpa, I see what you mean!" (1)

"Hey son, where are you going?"

"To Panama City, right now!"

 "Look at all those beautiful bikini models just waiting for me!"

"Son, you can borrow my old 'boom box'.  Perfect for the beach, it's sure to be hit with all the ladies."
"Uhh, I don't think so Grandpa.  Thanks anyway."

"Or perhaps you should check out some of my old swim trunks. They were lady killers"
"That's QUITE all right Grandpa, I'm good.  I'm kinda thinking the whole 'His n Her' thing is over with.  You actually wore that?!?!" (2)

"Well, that was a few years, and a few pounds, ago.

"Grandpa, I better leave now before you pull out anything else that is even more embarrassing."

"Well have fun, but not too much fun, you know what I mean.
"Oh I plan on having fun alright!  I just hope there are some babes like this where I'm going!"

 "Sigh, I remember all those Spring Breaks out on the beach.  The girls in those groovy 70s swimsuits..."

"Yep, those were the days alright.  And it seemed like the girls back then were just better looking, or is that just me."

"It's just you Grandpa."
"I'm not sure about that son."

"Yeah now I'm definitely sure that the gals were better looking back then.  Son, my heart may not be able to take much more of this!" (1) (3)

"Yep this is definitely not good for my old heart.  Son....SON, where did that boy go?  Well I guess he's heading to the beach for Spring Break after all!"


(1)  These pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

(2) This pic is very strange when you look at it.  Both girls are looking at that guy on the right, but he's not paying any attention to them.  He's like "Yeah, whatever."  Meanwhile the guy in the back is fixated on the blonde who clearly is dissing him.

(3) And I'm sure that our avid readers will recognize that lovely lady with Kathy.
 "Well, are you going to go for it"

And her today at age 60. Amazing, simply amazing


  1. Has anyone ever been able to identify the blonde lady model with Jayne Modean in picture #4?

    1. Sorry to say that model is one that has NOT been identified. She was very common in the catalogs of the early 80s - this is from 1982. If anyone out there knows her name, please let us know!

    2. It looks like Allison Pachoe Smith. She was in Montgomery Ward and JCPenney catalogs from at least 1983 through 1985. I totally fell in love with her as a young teen. It took me literally decades to discover her name. IF that's her, that is. Anyway, Allison Pachoe Smith is still modeling today--she's in her early 50s now.

    3. I looked up Allison Pachoe Smith on Google, and unfortunately it's not her. Thanks for trying, though.

    4. Are you sure? Most of the photos of her on the net are recent--she's in her 50s now. She would have been around 20 years old in the photo above. Anyway, I posted some photos of her from circa 1983 here:

    5. Yeah, I agree that is not Allison Pachoe in the pics, although there is some resemblance. We'll have to keep trying!

  2. where's wendy hill in a pink bikini.

    1. Do you have a specific pic in mind? I tried to find a pic of Wendy in a pink bikini but no luck. If you have a date in mind that would be helpful. Later!