Monday, June 26, 2017

Random Goodness: The Tops!

Let's face it, there were a lot of goofy fashion trends in the 70s that are quite forgettable (remember gauchos?)  But there was one iconic fashion statement of the 70s that reversed that non-sexy tendency, and that was what was going on with the Tops!

Halter Tops, Tank Tops, and Tube Tops that is!

Yeah baby!  Ladies, now THAT'S more like it!!

Halters always caused a stir.  I mean, is it like just wearing a bra?  Are they that allowed in school (typically NO!)  Do they drive the guys crazy? (most definitely YES)

Like I said, where they bras or not?  the debate rages on!!

The halters were great, what about the Tube Tops, and Tank Tops???
Halter Tops, Tank Tops, Tube Tops, Oh my!  And one of THE very best things about these tops were that they were often worn with short shorts!  What a winning combination!

Wait, who's that in the inset pic on the right???
Why it's Jayne Modean sporting the Tube Top look!!

Value Halters from Aldens!!

The Tops weren't always worn with shorts - regular length pants worked just fine!  And you've gotta love the tropical shirt over the tube top worn by Karen.

We saw Kathy in a nice sexy halter, but did she ever model the Tube Top??
Oh yeah!!  And just like Karen in the previous pic, the shirt over the top provides a just oh so "peak-a-boo" sexiness!!

Kay, Karen, and Kim gives us Halters, Tanks, and Tubes!!

Colleen and Karen rock the halters!

So were there any other happenings in Tops during the 70s???
Yes,yes there were!  Something called "cape sleeve tops".  I don't remember these, too bad they didn't take off!!

Once again, they could double for a bra or been worn alone - what a great idea. Kathy and Pam show that perfectly!

Why not end on a close up of Kathy!  Oh yeah!

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