Monday, June 5, 2017

Let it Rain - Part 6!!

Well it's teh rainy season, and just because raindrops are dropping on your head doesn't mean that you couldn't step out in those groovy 70s style!!

Kathy starts us off with rain slickers made of something called "nylon cire."  It's basically a fancy term to describe something with a glazed look.

 All weather coats from Aldens was actually an excuse to show off your groovy go-go boots!

Not only boots, but fake leather, personalized handbags too!!

And not only boots and handbags, shower-to-shine scarves too!!

Whoops, back to Kathy and the cire!  Despite no boots, no scarves, or no handbags Kathy is all smiles (as usual.)

Is this turning into a cire post?!?  These two jetsetters certainly think so.

All I can say here is Shower Togs, YEAH!!

Back to the scarves, groovy baby!!

Back to the slickers and a perfect way to end this rainy post with Kathy and Karen!! (pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks!)

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