Monday, May 29, 2017

Let's Get Into Physical Part 6, Summertime Fun!

Now that Summer is here, I present to you, dear readers, the teeniest, tiniest pics of Kathy in my collection..

Just in time for Memorial Day beach fun, His 'n Hers Fun-in-The-Sun separates from JCP (circa 1978, which was a VERY good year for me.) (1)

So your probably saying to yourself "Hey where's Kathy?"  Well if you blinked you'd miss it.  Let's zoom in on that hot beach volleyball scene....

Yep, it's her!  I had this catalog for some time before I noticed this myself.  I have two questions: Where was this shot at (mountains in the background), and, more importantly, why wasn't I invited to play too?!? (2)

The "Apres Le Volleyball". Everyone seems to be a winner here!  Hmmm, on second thought, this would have made a good Michelob commercial!


(1) My first year in college and my first steady girlfriend, fond memories, good times!

(2) I don't mean to, ahem, brag, but I will (it's MY blog after all!)  V-Ball was my sport, played with a select club, had dreams of making it big, but had to focus on school instead.

(3) Yeah, yeah, this post is kind of short, but I'm traveling this weekend.

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