Monday, May 15, 2017

That's So 70s: Say Yes to the Dress - Part 6!

Yep, the wedding season is upon us.  And as I mentioned in the last post on 70s weddings, one of my daughters is going to be the MOH at her friend's wedding in about, oh crap, it's next weekend!! And I don't have a THING to wear!  Not to worry, these 70s (and 80s) Bride's magazines will give us plenty of help!

Well maybe they will be of help.  After all, this was the era of the Big Floppy Bridesmaid Hats (BFBH for short). (1)

Need I say more, BFBH galore!

This bridesmaid is like "Okay, whatever, you're getting married before me, so what.  That's no reason to make me wear this dress."

And when the brides didn't force their wedding party to wear the BFBH, they made them wear something equally weird - like pill box hats.  All I can say is "That's Sooooo 70s!"

Okay, this is getting just bizarre at this point.  Both the women are looking down on the girl thinking "Yes, little one, you will be scarred for life."

Oh dear, this post is really going off into the deep blue end here!  The expression on the little girl's face is screaming "Why, why, why..."

Speaking of the groom's party, I need some ideas for next week's wedding....
Apparently the ruffled shirt, lavender tux look was all the rage back then.  This lucky guy has two babes scoping him out.  However, I'm not sure this would work for me (Don't want to upstage the bride, ya know!)

Of course, the guys back then (like now) are less about the wedding itself, and more about the honeymoon...

Well, maybe not this guy.  This is simply cringe worthy: he's leaning in, shes leaning while avoiding the direct kiss. Her expression is saying "Loser."  Basically his only purpose in her life is to be something to grab in case she starts to fall over the side of the boat.  I think the honeymoon is already over for this guy!

Now this is how's it done!  Frustrated Boat Guy could learn a thing or two from this Smooth Operator!

Yeah, uhh, right.  The most important consideration is the mattress.  Of course if its Frustrated Boat Guy, then it doesn't matter - he's probably sleeping on the couch anyway!

Confession time here dear readers.  I kind of messed up.  I should have done this post about a week earlier. Oh well, better late than never......
Yep, that's our Kathy.  No BFBH here!!  And that is Karen Welch and Wendy Hill. (2)


(1) Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks.  And, BTW, it is from 1982, very late in Kathy's modeling career.

(2) I really debated whether to include this or not.  I have a policy of only posting items that are of a commercial or professional nature (no personal photos.)  However, this did appear in a Modern Bride magazine, so it's fair game (I hope!)


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