Monday, May 8, 2017

Bodysuits - Part 11, Yeah Baby!!

Okay, okay, we've had fun with the Men of MANTIQUE for the last couple of weeks.  Sooooo, everyone close your eyes, cleanse your mind.  Now open them and scroll down..........

 YES!  Bodysuits are the answer, the answer to finally, FINALLY getting this blog back on track where it should be!  Kathy and friend are all smiles as there is no sign of Mantique Madness anywhere.  But that raises another quesiton.  Where did this pic come from?  Well, dear readers, THAT is for another time!

Good Lord  Karen, Diane, and Kay are, well, smoking hot in the bodysuits!

 And the bodysuit hotness continues!!

I really don't know what to make of this pic, except the gal in the upper left appears to be enjoying her bodysuit maybe a bit too much (I'll have what she's having!)

What a shame, what a shame.  This pic is good, but it could have been great except for the black and white.

Shelley, Mick, and Pia get in on the hot bodysuit action!

 And now for our second mystery pic.  This time of Colleen.  I have no idea here this pic came from.

But we have one mystery pic solved.  Longtime readers of this blog may remember that way, WAY back at this blog's inception I had a post of a Mystery pic that was just the faces of Kathy and Karen from this Photo.  Now the mystery is solved!!

Now for the closeups.  I like Karen's sense of style here!!  Forget the mini skirts, just wear a bodysuit!!

And a very nice pic of Kathy and Karen to end this post on.  Maybe on the next bodysuit post we'll solve teh mystery of that first pic.  Until then, Ciao!!


  1. You left out Dottie Harris in pink in pic #2. In Pic #6 the brown bodysuit is worn by Joyce Ingalls. I just found out that she became a successful actress and died at the age of 65 in 2015. Here's an obituary on her from the Daily Mail: The Colleen pic is from the Speigel 1974 Spring & Summer catalog. The scan is originally from

  2. The model in the photo above with Shelley Hack, Mick Lindberg and Pia Buggert is Joyce Ingalls.

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  4. Pic 1 Kathy McKay in Brown, Pic 2 Yellow Wendy Hill