Monday, May 22, 2017

Great Expectations - Part 6!!

"First comes love, then comes marriage (last week), and then comes baby in a baby carriage (this week.)"    But with the Big Book catalogs of the 70s you could spend that "special time" in style!

And  there we see how the gals of the 70s spent that "special waiting time".  All smiles here.  Except, what is Kathy doing in a wig?!? This isn't a wig post??

Hey, that's much better!!

 Ahh, no post on maternity wear would be complete without the timeless and classic "tent dress." No way these models can make THAT look sexy!!
Well, I stand corrected!!

Whaaat? Another maternity pic of Kathy in a wig??

A random maternity pic, it isn't even randomly weird, just random........

You KNOW why I included this pic. Yep, the hat - gotta love that hat that Kay is sporting.  BTW, it sure seems that Wendy Hill is in a lot of these maternity pics?!?

Matching hats, shoes, and purses. Remember ladies - accessorize.  That's the key to a successful pregnancy!

Oh come on!  Nobody is this happy when they're pregnant.  Well maybe they would be if they were stepping out in these groovy 70s style.  And in case you're wondering: Yes, Kay's left hand is sporting a wedding band.  Remember that this was the 70s and like we said at the top "First comes love, Then comes marriage, Then comes baby in a baby carriage.  (Of course the other model is hiding her left hand, so we're not sure is going on there!)

Just so there's no doubt about it!!

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  1. I love 70's catalogs - maternity wear has been problematic since the beginning of clothes.