Monday, June 12, 2017

Sizzlin' Summertime Sleepwear - Part 9!!

Of course the Summer sun keep the action sizzlin' on the beach, but the Summer nighttime sizzled too with all the hot and groovy sleepwear form the 70s Big Book Catalogs!!

"Shirting the Issue?"  Certainly not!  Karen, Barbara, Kathy, Kay and friend are scorching hot in these summertime sleepwear fashions from JCP!

I'm sure most of you gravitated to the cute gals on the right thus missing the gigantic V thing on the left which probably stands for Victory.  Or maybe it's a pointer for clueless hubby?!?

There's nothing Outrageous about these gals. And let's face it, Pia, with that giraffe on her sleeper shirt and the lollipop, is looking Uber hot!!

 In addition to Dottie and Kathy we have Cay and Kay side by side. It's a veritable K Club overload!! (Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks!)

So let's check out that inset pic of Kathy.....
 Flowers at bedtime?!?  Kathy does not seem impressed.  But we also have .......another inset!!

And inset within an inset!!  Is that like a dream within a dream??  That would describe Kathy perfectly!!

When you speak of 70s catalog sleepwear you're talking Nylon Tricot fabrics baby.  Let's check 'em out!!
 Anyone else notice how many of these pics have Mick Lindberg in them?

Kay, Karen, and Peggy, very nice!! Sweet dreams are made of these.

So, of course, the most natural prop for a sleepwear pic is a......ladder??????

Of course, we can;t leave out the classic lingerie.  One could sleep in those too.....
Or maybe not!  Let's face it, Kathy absolutely kills it here!!  So on that note, sweet summertime dreams everyone!!

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