Thursday, October 24, 2013

K Club Special Part 5 - Dottie Harris

Okay, okay, Dottie doesn't have a name that begins with a hard K sound (like the original foursome: Kathy, Kay, Kare, and Colleen) but we are going to be branching out and doing specials on some of the other popular catalog models fo the 70s this year.

So first up is Dottie!

Elegance is the word that best sums up Dottie's modeling style.  She was a very popular catalog model in the 70s, and often appeared in the women's section modeling some of the higher end fashions (at least higher end for mail order catalogs) for ladies like here.  She had that certain look that just seemed to go with that genre of fashion.

Dottie was a finalist in 1968 Model of the Year competition held by The Stewart Agency.  As you may recall, Kathy was also one of the 16 finalists in that same competition.  Her bio, shown here from Seventeen Magazine, gives us a little bit of info.  It states that she did some television commercials, so she must have done some modeling before 1968.

Like so many of the other models, Dottie appeared in numerous print ads.  This one isn't so great.  However, I do have a positive ID that is her in the pic.

A much, much better ad featuring Dottie from Revlon.

Another Revlon ad.  Very Nice!

And, of course, she made numerous appearances in magazines too.  With a smile like that, you can see why!

Like I previously mentioned, Dottie's catalog modeling career had a different emphasis that the other K Clubbers.  She was often featured in the Women's section as opposed to the Juniors section.  Elegant was indeed the word to describe her look.

Dottie in some super sexy 70s sleepwear with Karen (Colleen and Joanne make an appearance also).

Oh, this cannot be good!  I've warned those guys in the Production Department about politically sensitive material!  I apologize to anyone offended.  I promise that heads will roll over this! (1)

Nevertheless, as a historical blogger, I must cover all the fashion happenings of that era.  Regardless of how you feel on the subject, you have to admit that social norms have changed quite a bit.  Some things that were frowned upon back then are not now.  And others - such as wearing fur - will get you assulted today! (2)

That's a little better! No one should be offended here.  Sorry for the poor scan quality - had a hard time getting the page to lay flat without damaging the catalog spine.

Wow, that's quite a gold medallion there!  I thought the guys were the only ones with the gold chains?

Now that's a 70s style caftan for sure!  With that crazy pattern, I'm not sure how one is supposed to sleep in that thing.  Oh wait I forgot, this was the 70s, nobody did much sleeping anyway.

Well, I wish that I could give you an update on Dottie, but I really don't have any info or pics of her after about 1978.  If anyone out there has any info they would like to share, I'm sure that many of our readers would be interested.  After all, she was one of the more popular and successful catalog models of the 70s!


(1) This makes TWO weeks in a row that we've had an issue with the Production Department!  As some of you may have noticed, last week we got the title misspelled (Westerward?).  It should have been Westward. And now this!  I'm telling you, those guys in Production are skating on thin ice now for sure!

(2) You may want to check out the price tag on that fox coat that Dottie is sporting - $499!!  Nobody said that being politically incorrect was cheap!


  1. Exactly what animal did that fur come from??? Can't say that I have ever seen a patchwork animal! Dottie is as cute as a button!

    1. Well it is listed as blue fox, but you're right. It looks like it was patched together. And if one was going to buy a fur, I somehow doubt that you would just order one from a catalog without trying it on first?

  2. At one time Dottie and Kathy were roommates.

    1. Wow! That's very interesting. Thanks for the info. I'm sure many of our readers appreciate interesting facts like that about the models.

    2. Hey, I was curious how you know that fact. If you would care to share, you can e-mail me. If you'd rather remain anonymous, I understand that also.

  3. After a little Googling I discovered that Dottie Harris seems to be alive and well and is married to Sony/ATV Music executive Martin Bandier. Look her up under Dorothy Harris Bandier and you will even see some current photos of her- she looks great!