Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lovely Loungewear - Part 1

Somewhere between regular clothes and sleepwear is a strange class that is sort of a little of each.  Called loungewear (or is it lounge wear?), it is not quite sleepwear, but not quite something you'd wear out of the house (note the classic image of the old, fat guy dressed in nothing but a bathrobe out to get the morning paper.  Wait scratch that, bad mental imagery to start a post).

Okay, this pic should clear out any bad memories from that bathrobe reference. Kathy and Kay definitely take care of that by looking absolutely lovely as they get ready for an evening of lounging.

Now here loungewear looks a lot more like sleepwear.  So what gives with the jewelry?   Are we going to sleep in that?  And are those slippers made for lounging?  Once again there seems to be a confusion of purpose here.

Lounging is all about being "Snug and Cozy".  Somehow Kay has the same pose as the previous pic.  I guess that was her special lounge wear pose.  Oh wait, what's that between the two ladies on the right?  Why it is one of our four legged friends.  I hope he wasn't ordered from that catalog from last week!

"All Dressed Up for a Lovely Lounge-In"  Huh?  You have to get dressed up to relax?  This is what I mean about loungewear, it occupies this strange inbetween state.  You gotta love those two lounge jumpsuits on the left (maybe they are loungesuits?).

Now we're back to loungewear that is more similar to sleepwear.  Standing outside dressed like that is probably not a good idea. I guess they were going for more of a "dream" state on this one.  However, the models are dreamy enough if you ask me!

Dogs seem to be common props for selling the loungewear.  I suppose that they evoke an image of snuggling up with family or something.  However, this mutt seems to have a bit of an attitude.  He's the only one looking at the camera!  Maybe the camera crew has got some food for him or something.  Or, perhaps, perish the thought, he's peeved about being ordered from that Spiegel catalog from last week's post!

Loungewear is often associated with the winter months.  I guess the idea of dressing up in a robe makes more sense when it is colder outside.  Note that these robes are "Poodle Textured Pile" and they included a ....poodle of course!  However, this guy seems to be a bit more laid back than the previous canine.  He's probably thinking "Hey this is a pretty good gig, hanging out with gorgeous models, getting pampered between sets, and the food isn't half bad also!"

A final thought, loungewear is something that, generally speaking, women are into.  Yes, yes, I know they have robes for guys also.  However, it is well known that 97% of robes for men are purchased by women as gifts.  I got a bunch from my mom and grandparents, generally at Christmas.  They should have come with a label saying "Send Straight to Goodwill".    


  1. Hmmmm.. never lounged around on the beach in my pajamas..maybe I should try it sometime. Nah..probably would get arrested! Those first two photos are beautiful of Kay and Kathy! However, wonder why you would need a hood on your loungewear?

    1. Good question about the hoods! And I have absolutely no idea why you would need that. Actually I had an entire post on hoodies ready to go and then that Travon Martin thing happened and I decided to shelve it for a while.

      Also I forgot to add that you probably noticed that the two Spiegel pics are crooked. No, that wasn't me in some inebriated state. That catalog had a number of pages with printing errors - including pages that were at a slant.

  2. Hoodies are for when the heat goes out or bugs come out..... I would think these gals would always be kept warm with no fling insects around.

  3. I read your article and find that you make a nice point in the service.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I plan on doing more posts on 70s loungewear in the future!