Thursday, October 17, 2013

Westerward Ho! Fashion as Couples Therapy Part 4!

Yee Haw ya'll!!  All you cowboys and cowgirls saddle up to some high falutin' His 'N Her fashions - countrified (sort of) from the 70s!  I'm not sure why western styles were so popular as couples fashions. Perhaps it was because both could wear jeans, or maybe because dressing up western style was just so much dad bern tootin' fun!!

So when the world starts spinnin' and your head hurts, There's cheap bourbon whiskey and pearl snap shirts.....Somehow matching Western shirts just scream "Both of ya'll need to git yer country thang on by wearing the same dad gum shirts!" Even without pearl snap buttons on those shirts, it looks like Kathy and friend are all ready for a night at the hootenanny! (1)

Yep, "be pardners in saddlebacks"  I guess spelling it as "pardners" instead "partners" makes it all seem so authentically "western".  However, I'm not sure about these pants, maybe if you're going for that hip new western look perhaps, .....perhaps not.

Here is a clear violation of the "denim-on-denim" rule. (2)  And not only that, it is the same shade of denim-on-denim.  This definitely is a fashion faux pas - here committed by these "Urban Cowboy" newbies!

I've been looking for love in all the wrong places....Okay that is almost TOO easy of a song reference for this post.  However, that purdy gal looking back (oblivious to her partner) while tipping her hat seductively kinda brings back memories of the many nights I wasted my youth in the local honky tonks!  Ahh the memories - and those clothes, well those don't really bring back any memories.  They're about as "Urban Cowboy" as you can get! 

When you see them purdy little country queens. Man you gotta admit that it's in them jeans (or is it spelled genes, get it?)....Those shirts are western style, but the white jeans??  That's SO 70s.

This couple definitely looks the part!  Perfectly attired in matching slacks, the guy sports a never-seen-a-real-farm cowboy hat while the gal has the obligatory Indian bead handbag.  It looks like they just stepped out of the ranch home, or more likely, the ranch style suburbian house.  And those shirts have "pearlized" buttons. Hey there pardners, they are either genuine pearl snaps or not! dabnabit!!

So how did the big dance competition at the hootenanny turn out?

I don't know if any of these couples won the dance competition, but they all placed in the "Mixing 70s Disco with Western Wear" category!

Now how did the 70s cowboys and cowgirls accessorize their His 'N Her Western couples fashions?

Oh my, is that couple sporting the real Urban Cowboy look or what?  Hey this isn't Halloween (well it almost is).  And what self respectin', root n' tootin, real hombre of a cowpoke would be caught dead with a....LEATHER PURSE?!?!?!?  Oh wait, I forgot.  It's not a purse, it's "European".   


(1) If you knew what a "hootenanny" was without looking it up, then congrats.  You must be a real cowboy or cowgirl.  Now if you've actually been at a hootenanny, well I have no words....

(2) The "denim-on-denim" rule is that one must not wear two articles of denim at the same time - especially denim shirt and jeans.  The only exceptions are: you're a real cowboy in the act of doing real cowboy things (like roping calves), or you're John Wayne.


  1. Where on earth do you find these pictures? Matching girl/boy cowboy outfits is a little much, but the fashions from the past are great! Thanks for you hard work

    1. Thanks! Collecting this old printed material from the 70s is a hobby of mine. Actually I've been working on the idea behind this post for awhile. When I finally ran across a couple of good pics of Kathy in western wear, I went ahead with it.

  2. Will try to comment again - The western pictures are truly so fun. Kathy is adorable as usual. Thanks for this blog!

    1. Thanks! Are you having trouble with comments?

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