Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Time (Part 3) is Couples Time (Part 8)!

At least it did back in the 70s, where those groovy His n' Hers coordinates invaded even the sacred spaces of the Christmas catalogs.  At least they were sacred to all the children who wanted more pages devoted to toys and less to clothes!  But put aside all those snazzy Barbies, Tonka trucks,  and GI Joes 70s  for now kiddos.  It's time to check out how the adults got in the Christmas mood!

Well, I'm not sure how "Christmasy" these outfits are.  Kathy and friend aren't too bad in those sweaters, but the other couple - I simply can't explain that.  By the way, Kathy seems to be stuck in mid-stride here.

HO, HO, HO.  Uhhh better put a hold on that.  Neither of these styles evokes the spirit of Christmas (past, present, or future).  The hats are for the neighborhood Christmas party I guess (perhaps after lots of eggnog?!?!).

So, where or where are the Christmas themed versions of the His n' Hers fashions??

Not here, no way!  I'm not sure what kind of "Christmas Warmth" they're talking about here - neither the eagles nor the disco-style shirts remind me too much of Christmas!!

Well, this is a little better.  At least there is some evidence of the Christmas spirit here as we have some decorations and presents.  Hmmm, that guy with Kathy is getting a little chummy wouldn't you say??

Yep, in the 70s, no matter the time or season, couples had to be on the go and they had to dress alike.  It was kinda of a cult thing really as noted by Dennis the Menace below... 

You're indeed correct Dennis - they're not twins, just crazy adults from the 70s trying the latest His n' Hers styles for Christma (check out the cartoon on the left side)s.  If I were you Dennis, I'd stick to the toy section. Speaking of which...

Okay, no couples theme here, but I had to throw in this pic of Kathy and Pat Miles with the Micky Mouse watches and clocks.  Now THOSE do bring back memories of Christmases past!!

To all my readers, may all of you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!


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