Monday, December 15, 2014

The Big Book Catalog Series - Part 3 1971 (2nd Half)

Well, let's continue our look at the Big Book catalogs of the 70s with the second half of 1971 - the Fall / Winter editions.

Check out this lineup.  Yeah, it's awesome for those of us who appreciate those 70s Big Books!! Somehow these catalogs had a thing about models on the run (Penneys and Aldens).  So we better get going....

Kathy and Karen can simply NOT decide whether to go mini or maxi here.  The early 70s earth tones mated with the late 60s grooviness just bleeds through here! (1)

More of the groovy early 70s! Dang! (1)

A smiling Colleen with Kay in jeans!  And not just any jeans but jeans with earth tone colors and bell bottoms!

Colleen in some sort of knickers. Pretty "groovy-baby" stuff if you ask me!!

Penney's had some fantastic 70s fashions also as seen here with Kathy.  Once again, they can't decide on the skirt length.  Ahh, yes, this was the era where the mini was starting to lose its status as the last word in skirt lengths (this was not a good thing by the way).

Hey, this is supposed to be the Fall / Winter editions.  What's going on here?  It looks like spring. Still Kathy and Karen look great - with wigs or without!!

Yeah Karen looks super cute here, but I had to include this pic for the hat - kinda a throwback to the 60s.

I'm not sure they should be commenting on a girl's "wining number" when she is standing on a scale. It's one of those subjects that guys learn not to bring up - not at all, ever, EVER.

I've always had a weakness for girls in curls, and here these gals are definitely bringing the curls along with some happening early 70s fashions from Spiegel.

More knickers modeled by Colleen.  It must have been a thing back then - a thing that apparently didn't catch on...

Kathy and Kay with some sharp looking "pantsdressing" (is that even a real word??) from Aldens. (1)

Nothing says "70s Party Scene" quite like pants suits from Aldens (especially the puffy sleeves version sported by Kathy).  Okay, this scene is not quite what one thinks of when picturing the parties of the 70s.  Still, it is pretty awesome if you ask me. (1)

It certainly is interesting to look back on the early 70s and the changing fashion scene then.  And what better way to reminisce than with the totally groovy, awesome Big Book catalogs!


(1) These pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

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