Monday, December 8, 2014

Random Weirdness: 70s Photo Shop - Magic or Madness, Part 3!

Yes, it's time to, once again, explore the wonders of 70s photo shopping technology.  And once again we will have to pass judgement on whether these efforts produced magic or madness.  Please remember that this was a time way before all the computer technology that we enjoy today.  Back then, photos hopping required real photography skill (unlike today).  So sit back and enjoy the magic and the madness!!

Yep "It's cold outside", but I'm not sure we're actually outside here.  Looks like a photo shop fail to me! Despite Kathy looking as cute as can be, I have to say this is madness for sure!!

Well, this pic has Kathy and Karen in classic, uber-sexy poses.  Okay, okay, the background is weak. Still, these gals more than make up for the strange superposition of dress style and background.  So you have to agree this photo shop pic is magic!!

Well, Kay and friends are doing their best to save this photos hop effort, but to no avail.  Despite their best efforts, the contrast is just too much for even them to save.  Sorry, the deer sweater and strawberry dress just cannot go with a farm themed background.  Madness for sure!!

Wow, this is either really great photo shopping or ,ahem, they ARE actually outside.  It doesn't matter either way.  That ginormus tie thing that Kay is wearing just wants to make me say "That's sooo 70s!" On that alone, I have to say this is magic!!

See the title is "Top it All Off" and they have a mountain scene behind the models showing us some fine sweaters.  How very clever!! Well maybe not.  I have to give this one the "madness" vote.

Once again, wither the technicians did a great job, or, more likely, Kay is actually outside.  Still that suede combo outfit is magic for sure!

Ahh corduroy from the 70s!!  What a perfect way to end this post.  However, they laid on teh earth tone colors just a bit much for me.  We'll have to say this final photo shop attempt is madness!!

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