Friday, December 5, 2014

K Club Special (Part 14) Kathy and Cay!

As ya'll know, the K Club officially (1) consists of four catalog models of the 70s whose first names begin with a hard "K" sound - namely Kathy (Loghry), Karen (Bruun), Kay (Campbell), and Colleen (Corby).  But before there was Kathy and Kay, there was Kathy and Cay (Kathy Jackson and Cay Sanderson). (2)

So for this "K Club" post we are going to look at the original Kathy and Cay....

Kathy Jackson was a bit before my time.  Still she was super big in the late 60s and early 70s like in this Breck ad.

Or in this Seventeen cover (what is she doing wearing the British flag?!?!?)

Yeah, she was super sexy too!!.  Dang!!

Of course Cay was also big in that same time frame and sexy too...

Cay in big 60s hair with Colleen!!

Super Cay!!

Not that Cay ever had a problem getting a date, no way!!

Natch we remember both from their Big Book catalog appearances...

Kathy in Aldens,  (With those "groove-a-delic" colors, you can just see Austin Powers moving in for the kill, yeah baby!!)

More Kathy Jackson in Aldens!!

Kathy is smokin' in classic 70s goovy styles from Penney's!!

Of course, Cay held her own, fashion wise...

Yeah "Poplins A-Plenty" for sure with Cay!!

Cay with Wendy Hill, Colleen, and, yep I do believe that is Kathy Jackson in the wig!!

Cay and Wendy again!!  (The flower is a cute touch, by the way)

Cay in 76 on the cover of Redbook!!

Kathy and Cay definitely paved the way for Kathy (Loghry) and Kay (Campbell) in the mid to late 70s.  Those were awesome times, before the internet and cable fame.  Still, these models rocked it hard and deserve their rightful place in the "K Club"...


(1) I use the term "officially" very loosely of course.

(2) Yeah, I know that Kay Campbell's catalog modeling career overlapped their careers by quite a bit.  It is really a personal, subjective viewpoint that I say that.

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