Monday, January 19, 2015

K Club Special (Part 15) - Mick Lindberg!

In this latest edition of the K Club Special posts (1), we're going to feature Mick Lindberg.  Mick appeared on the scene in the early 70s and was a regular model in the Big Book catalogs for a several years.

I admit I don't know much about her career before her appearances in the 70s catalogs.  We do have a few of her other modeling pics such as this modeling composite below...

My, such a serious face for such a cute gal (yeah, I know its one of those agency shots where you're not supposed to smile, but still).  (2)

Like all the other K Clubbers, she made the rounds in the usual places such as...

here in Seventeen magazine and...

here in this Simplicity pamphlet.

One problem that I had putting together this feature on Mick is that she usually appeared in sections that I feature in other categories.  So, do I save those pics for those posts or use them here?  For example....

Mick was a regular in the sleepwear sections of the Big Books.  Here she is turning up the cuteness in a Snoopy sleeper alongside three of the original K Club members: Karen, Kay, and Kathy.  You've gotta love some of these poses - Kay with the one-legged stork pose and Kathy, well, is she stretching out those quads getting ready for a run?

And Mick was a regular in the ever popular bodysuit sections too!  Here she is with Pia and Shelley showing off those 70s bodysuits with style!  Once again the dilemma - do I save this for the next bodysuit post or use it here?  Oh the burden of such decisions!

Yep, here again is Mick in some killer sleepwear. I thought about saving this one for a future sleepwear post, but I had to include this pic - Mick is just too cute with that hoodie!!

 "Classic" described Mick to a tee!

I almost didn't post this pic because I knew I could't resist making some snarky, inappropriate comment about "Sensational Little Tops".  Okay, there I did it.  Time to move on.  Still Mick and Shelley do, indeed, look sensational here!

Some rather pensive, thoughtful expressions from Mick and Kathy.   I'm not sure why, but no matter, they still both look great!

Okay, this pic has me a bit baffled.  Mick and Kay are leaning up against some sort of rail, which looks like a horse racetrack, and they are wearing pantsuits with men's ties.  Hmmm, I'm not sure what the hidden meaning is, but I love those flared out bell bottoms on Mick!

Mick Lindberg on the cover of the 1972 JCPenny Fall and Winter Big Book catalog.  Like I mentioned, Mick's catalog career was rather short, but, wow it was great!


(1)  For those of you that are new to this blog, the term "K Club" is something I made up to describe four of the regular models of the Big Book catalogs of the 70s: Kathy Loghry, Karen Bruun, Kay Campbell, and Colleen Corby.  All of their names begin with a hard "K" sound, hence the term. Naturally the K Club Special posts have branched out to other models as well.

(2) This pic is re-blogged from MiniMadMod60s. Thanks!

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