Monday, January 26, 2015

Say Yes to The Dress - Part 2!!

As all of my loyal readers may recall, I posted previously about how I first learned Kathy's name in that long forgotten waiting room in an oral surgeons office.  And just as quickly as I picked up that mag, I was called back into surgery and the identity if that mag quickly became forgotten in an haze of those powerful knockout drugs.  For background, click here.

For the longest time I assumed it was a Modern Bride mag as I remembered an article on her impending wedding.  Finding this magazine issue has been nothing less than a quest for me, and now I am proud to present to you, loyal followers.......

Okay, so you say, the mystery is solved, the quest has terminated.  Weeeeeeellllll, there's just one, teeny, weeny, problem.......this is not the magazine I remember. Nope, no way.  Yes this is Kathy on the cover, BUT there are several problems...

First, in the mag I remember, the background was white, not red.

Second, the shot of Kathy on the cover was a closeup, and certainly not with a couple of dudes like here (no offense guys).

Third, and most important, there was most definitively an article about her on the inside - calling her by name.  This mag had NO reference to any model's name.

So I bought this, and soon realized that, nope, this wasn't the mag I remembered.  Oh my!!  So the mystery deepens.  What WAS the magazine that I saw in that waiting room all those years ago? Another bridal magazine or a different magazine altogether?  Now I have no idea in which direction to even search!!

And to add insult to injury, at the same time I also purchased....

Yeah, I bought this too thinking...finally, FINALLY, I'll discover the name of this mystery model, but, alas, no deal.....soooooo

All I can say is "Kathy may have said 'Yes To The Dress' but I have to say 'No to The Magazine'....."

The quest continues......................................................................


  1. Keep looking you will find it! Kathy looks adorable in this wedding dress!

    1. I intend to. The only problem is that I don;t where to look!

  2. I know how you feel. For the longest time, I was on an Ebay quest for the two pics of Colleen Corby I remembered as a kid. I finally found them - by accident! The only thing I can suggest is that you save some searches on Ebay for any bridal magazine you can think of, and add the year(s) to your search that you think she appeared in it. At least you know she appeared on the cover. That should help a lot.

    1. Thanks. I'll do that. The problem is that I don;t know if it was another bridal mag or something else - like a Woman's Day. The quest will continue....