Monday, January 12, 2015

Scintillating Sleepwear - Part 5!

Yep, winter STILL has its icy grip on most of the country.  So when the mercury plunges, there's really only one thing to do - put on some super groovy 70s sleepwear designed to keep you warm!

And we're not just talking about snuggling here.  No sir!! Here we've got some "Super Snugglies" from Aldens - perfect to take care of that winter chill!

Speaking of snuggling sleepwear, nothing says winter sleepwear quite like these ensembles! They even came with footies to keep those toes snuggly warm on those cold winter nights!

Of course fleece is always a "go-to" fabric when speaking of winter sleepwear.  Kathy appears double or maybe she has a twin?  Nah, just that good ol' 70s photography magic at work!

More fleece!  This time in a variety of winter sleepwear options!

Yet more sleepers to keep you toasty warm!  You gotta love the variety of styles - all the way from bright canary yellow to leopard print designs!  These may keep you warm, but those bright colors may make it hard to actually sleep!

So you may want something a little bit on the lighter side.  Okay, okay, I know this pic is in black and white, but hey, Kathy still looks super cute - even in a wig!  

Of course there's one way to stay warm on those cold winter nights....

And that's to snuggle up with a friend!  Lucky dog!!


  1. That's a nice, soulful look Kathy has in the first pic. I don't know if you noticed it, but in the bottom pic is Susan Dey. So many actresses started out as models.

    1. Yep, you're right! In that catalog, there is a special section for Mary Quaint that has several pics of Kathy and Susan - sounds like a good subject for an upcoming post. And I agree with you on the first pic of Kathy. That one will probably for sure be one of the top pics of this year.