Monday, January 5, 2015

That's So 70s: Winter Wear Part 3

Brrr, now that the holidays are over, all that's left is winter for the next few weeks.  And I bet most of you are bundled up in the heaviest of winter coats.  Naturally, it got cold back in the 70s.  However, they had a little different take on how to beat the winter chill.

WARNING:  Yeah, this is going to be another post featuring fur.  So if that offends you, well you've been warned.  It is my duty as a historical blogger to cover all the fashions of the 70s - even those that are now considered politically incorrect.

Well these jackets don't seem so bad.  Polyester and cotton are hardly controversial.  So what was I talking about???

Uh oh, here we go. This is sure to stir up some passions.  It's hard to believe now, but it wasn't that long ago when a mainstream retailer could boast about being "Wild About Fur", not to mentioned showing off a full length raccoon coat!

Even Aldens got in on the act.  Why settle for raccoon when you have blue fox??

Yeah, forget the "pleather".  Back in 70s, we had real honest to goodness cowhide leather!

Okay, wool isn't as bad (maybe, I don't know).  I do know that wool is really, really warm and stands up to wet weather.  It's still today a great choice.

After all of these politically incorrect examples of winter coats from teh 70s, maybe we need to tone it down a bit...

Even though fur was still in fashion in the 70s, they had their share of imitations back then also.  Of course, the main selling point was the cost.

Well, we have to end with a pic of Kathy.  And along with Jayne, she shows us some more sporty 70s winter wear.  Nothing but man-made fibers here - no imitations needed!!

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