Monday, January 27, 2014

K Club Special - Part 7: Jayne Modean

Okay, due to popular demand, our next featured model in our "K Club" series is Jayne Modean.  And I must admit that she was one of my favorites also.  Her career is a little later than most of the other models we've featured, starting in the mid-70s and going into the 80s.

Of course, Jayne did all the normal stuff that the models of that time period, such as the teen mags...

Jayne also had a very extensive acting career. She appeared in the 1983 movie "Spring Break".

I actually saw this movie and it isn't terrible.  It is basically has the boilerplate plot of : a bunch of guys go to Ft Lauderdale, one geeky guy meets his true life's love, sophomoric high jinks ensure, blah, blah, blah......My main complaint is that Jayne doesn't appear until well into the movie, where we see her playing an arcade video game (remember those!).

That look is the thousand yard stare after playing "Galaga" for four hours straight!
So you ask "Where are the bikinis??....

Okay, Jayne is in this pic.  Please note that this is probably the only pic you will EVER see in this blog of an overweight guy in white shorts......

 Jayne also appeared in a number of TV shows, including Cheers...

She also was part of a short lived TV series  called "Trauma Center".  Here is a press release photo.

And the cast.  Note that Big Lou was part of the cast....

Okay, you are probably asking "Now WHERE are the bikinis?!????"

"Holy One Piece Batman".  While this isn't a bikini....WHO CARES!!!! Jayne smokes in this 1st edition of "Inside Sports" swimsuit issue.....

Oh, yeah, she was in print ads also (Almost forgot).......

Of course, our focus is the Big Book catalogs, and here Jayne did not disappoint (note, I tried to include some pics not common on the internet for all of our Jayne Modean fans).

Jayne rocked it in Spiegel.....

Of course I had to include a pic with Kathy!!!....

Uber cute!!!.....

"Glad Rags"!!!!  I think I had a post about those a couple of years ago!!!!!

Peasant dresses from Aldens!

Jayne did appear in the movie "Backfield in Motion" in 1991.  That is the last record that I have been able to find of her career.  She certainly was one of the iconic models from the mid 70s to the mid 80s!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Random Weirdness: 70s Gauchos - Part 1

Well it's been a while since we've had a post of the "Random Weirdness" series which, as you probably remember, focuses on some of the odder little fashion corners of the 70s.

And what odder little trend is there than gauchos which appeared in the mid-70s like a meteoric streak across a dark night, filling the sky with its brilliance.  Gauchos hit like that - BAM - and were everywhere at once, and then just like that meteorite, vanished just as quickly fading into that misty memory hole of the 70s,...

These boots were made for walking...So what were gauchos?  Well they took their inspiration form western fashion and turned them into, well, you just had to see them.  Like here with Karen, Pat Miles, and Kathy.

Early on in the trend, they were often referred to as "boot skirts".  And like here, you can see why. They really allowed a gal to show off the footwear!

Here, JCP tries to keep it a them a little closer to their country roots.  Well, at least they tried!

Courdory gauchos?  Why not, and why not combine combine 70s fashion trends into bizarre chimeras like this.  I mean the possibilities are endless......

Oh no, Gaucho jumpsuits!  Or are they "gauchsuits" or "jumphos"?  Surely that is it for these combinations?  Isn't it?  I mean what else could they do with them...

Formal wear gauchos that's what!  Now the ladies could show off their formal, knee high patent leather boots with style!  Finally, finally, we must be at the end of this bizarre cul-de-sac of 70s fashion.  Right?

Nope, not when you can add big floppy coats and scarves!  "Tailoered femminity" indeed, gauchos just scream that to me!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sorority Fashions from Vicky Vaughn - Part 2

Well it's been a while since we saw our sorority pledges after "pledge week".  So how are they doing, Did they make it as full sorority members??

Yep!!  It looks like the sorority sisters have adjusted well after their tumultuous pledge trials and are relaxing with a "Sunday in the Park".  Kathy is joined by Shelley Hack, Colleen, and an unknown model for this classic shot! (reblogged from ShelleyHack.Blogspot.Com)

Oh how quickly the tables turn!  Now that they are members, Kathy, Shelley and Colleen are giving the "pledge" treatment to this year's crop of freshmen (is that Kay on the right?, yep I believe so).  They are even dressed Greek-themed attire (Toga, Toga, Toga!).  (reblogged from

Back at the sorority house, the sisters relax and pose for this pic in various combinations of pink and white. WOW!  (reblogged from

So it looks like the sorority sisters are throwing a wild party with those mod 70s fashions.  Why wasn't I invited?  Drats!! (reblogged from ShelleyHack.Blogspot.Com)

Colleen and Karen checking out their airline tickets.  Of course, air travel back then was a little different.  It was considered more of an event that conferred status, and people actually dressed up for it.  Note that the bag says Pam Am - kind of dates this a bit, doesn't it? (reblogged from

And finally, a last shot of our favorite sorority girls getting ready for some kind of red, white, and blue themed event.  Yep it brings back memories of college - rush week, fraternity / sorority functions, homecoming, sigh! (reblogged from sweetjanespopboutique.blogspot.som)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sizzlin' 70s Swimwear - Part 5!

Well, I hate to admit that things have been a little hectic around here lately, what with the holidays and vacation.  And I really had no idea what to post this week..  So when in doubt, there's only answer - SWIMSUITS!!  And with another cold wintery blast gripping the nation, it seems like the perfect time.

For this edition of Sizzlin' Swimwear series, we're going to take a tour of 70s featuring only the summer catalog editions of the major retailers...

Wendy Hill gets us started with some snappy swimwear from the first year of the decade of the 70s! (1)

Of course, we can't leave Kathy out!  No, no, no!!  Images like this beach scene from 1971, can certainly warm up things, even in the coldest part of winter!

And continuing on into 72, Kathy and Karen are still smoking hot in the early 70s swimwear.  Talk about sizzling!

Okay, let's jump into the mid-70s......

Joanne Vitelli looks great here.  I just.can't.resist.reaching.out.and.grabbing.that.bow.   Bad boy, BAD, BAD boy!!

Karen looks great in the one piece from 1975!

Kay looks uber cute-hot as she "Basks in a Bikini".

And now for the late 70s.....

Kathy and Karen together in white from JCP in 1977!  I remember that mesh thing that Kathy is wearing was quite popular in those days.  I haven't seen that style recently.  Also, I read a business article about the top ten brand names most likely to disappear in 2014.  JCPenney was at the top of the list.  First Aldens, then Montgomery Wards, now JCP, oh well...

Okay, this last pic is from the 1982 Aldens summer catalog, so it isn't from the 70s but hey, who cares? That is Jayne Modean on the right.

One last note on swimwear from the 70s...

Apparently swimwear was just as popular back then as now!  It's kind of hard to believe that they could get away with that back then!


(1) Okay, okay, I'm sure someone out there probably realizes that 1970 is NOT technically in the decade of the 70s, but is the last year of the 60s.  That is because there is no year 0, so each decade (and century) starts with 1 (1971, 1981, etc).  Let's not quibble about that and just enjoy the swimsuits!