Monday, February 23, 2015

Sorority Fashions from Vicky Vaughn - Part 3!

So it's been a while since we have checked on all our sorority gals and their smashing Vicky Vaughn fashions. Let's see how they are doing....

As you may recall, our sorority had some rather bizarre initiation rites for their pledges.  Like here where apparently the pledges were forced to wear coordinated pledge uniforms.

However, this pledge class survived their horrors and decided to celebrate with a trip to the beach! Everyone is all smiles now.

They even held a formal ball to mark the occasion!

Naturally, travel is on the agenda for any jet setting young sorority lady. (Note: This pic is worth it just for the Pan Am plane in the upper right!) (1)

So now we have a new pledge class....

My, my, the previous pledge class thought that they had it bad, but this new class has even stranger pledge uniforms to wear! (1)

Surely, it can't worse for this new crop of pledges....
Oh dear, are we back to those strange sorority initiation rites?  It looks like these pledges are being forced to "walk the plank" or something (I did a double take with this pic.  What the heck are they doing out on some slick, moss covered, rock at the edge of a lake?, very strange)

Once again, surely it can't get worse for these poor pledges........
It can and it does! Now, they are forced to play some sort of scaled up version of Monopoly.  This is really taking a turn towards the weird.  The gal on the right is starting to look a little worried!  She's probably thinking "Hey, I wanted to join for the parties, not to be put in a jail cell!"


The members snicker at the pledges misfortunes.  Apparently this sorority has fallen into that "Plaid, Plaid World" space time singularity.  Either that, or this sorority was founded by Scots!


(1) These pics re-blogged from MyVintageVogue.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Random Weirdness - Catalog Uniforms.

I admit that I have been putting off this post for some time.  As you know, one of the missions of this blog is to properly document the wonderful Big Book catalogs of the 70s - in all their zany and unpredictable glory.  And one section - albeit small - that was a constant feature in these tomes was uniforms.

Yes uniforms, you read that right.  This leaves me, your humble blogger, with a dilemma.  What to say about uniforms?  I mean they are just kinda, well, there?!?!

As we will see, even the catalogs themselves had to work overtime to hype them "so crisp and smart - in white and exciting colors"  Yeah, right.  However, these uniforms are looking pretty good - especially with Kathy as the model.

It still amazes me that you could see top models in material like this.  For example....

Colleen, Pat, and Dottie modeling uniforms.  Somehow I doubt that one would find Giesele or Alessandra doing something similar today.

Need more convincing..........

Before she was a Charlie's Angel, Shelley was helping to move those "Perma-Smooth" uniforms from Sears!

The uniforms section of the Big Books tended to focus on economy.  And that is understandable I guess.

Not only economy but ease of care, yeah that makes sense.

Still they tried to sell the sizzle with descriptions like here "Sparkling uniforms for a stylish on the job look..." Uhhhh, yeah, I see it.  I totally see it.

One problem with this category is that Kathy didn't appear a whole lot in this section, so the pics are a little thin. Originally I was only going to do one post on the subject for that reason, but heck, let's save a couple of Kathy pics for another look at the subject in the future.  Naturally we need to end on a snazzy photo of Kathy.....

Oh dear, I'm not sure about that title.  Ah hem, did they really write that?!?!?!?  I'm not sure it would be appropriate in a PG rated blog to comment further.  Maybe those uniforms weren't so boring after all??  (okay, I couldn't help myself...).

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Big Book Catalog Series (Part 4) 1972a

Whoopsie! Someone forgot to hit the "Publish" button last Monday.  So if you were wondering why there was no post last week, well that was the reason.  By the time I realized the omission, the week was about done.  And I didn't want to short change this post.  No, no, no!  After all it's time for another in our series of looks at the Big Book catalogs of the 70s!  Yippee!!  And this time we're going to take a look at 1972.

This presents a bit of problem, a good problem really.  You see 1972 was a monster year for Kathy in her Big Book career, so I'm going to split this year up into FOUR parts.

Yeah, we're going to take a look back at the Sears and JCPenneys Fall and Winter Big Books.I think that you, dear readers, will agree that this post was worth the wait!

Yep, the gang is all here is some super-groovy 70s fashions! And MAN are they looking hot.....(1)

This is one of those kinda strange poses that somehow works - well this is Kathy after all, nuff said.........(1)

Okay, okay, I have the "small" version of this catalog.  Apparently, Sears put out a Small and a Large version of their Big Books until 1973.  So in the "small" version we get a lot of black and white shots - like here of Karen and Shelley.  Still it's pretty kicking (if you ask me),

How can black have "many moods" - it's just one color so how can it have multiple moods.  Oh wait, That's me being WAY too logical, better just to let it ride, man......

If you want to read this, you can.  This is back in the day when advertisers believed that people would actually READ something like this.   But, of course, the Big Books were all we had, so why not????

And now for JCPenneys.......

Kathy and Karen - totally awesome.  WOW JUST WOW!! (okay that is a bit over used expression from the internet.)

Kay and Dottie - WOW part deux (or something like that, still pretty smoking hot!)

"These boots are made for walking, and that's what I'll do...."

"these boots are gonna walk all over you ......" Nice tree in the background, by the way....

Oh my, what to say - totally 70s awesomeness at its zenith: high rise pants (in a crazy pattern), a giant medallion, and the over sized "man tie" (along with cuffed bell bottoms!).  All I can say is - Groovy BABY. Let's go to the disco!!"


(1) These pics courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!