Monday, September 26, 2016

Bodysuits - Part 10!!

Bodysuits, because, ya know,the guys loved 'em, the gals loved them, so why not again!!  Let's go!!! Bodysuits 70s style!! Yeah!!

Just when you didn't think Kathy could look cuter, she exceeds your wildest dreams like here with Karen.  Can.Kathy.Look.Any.Cuter.???  The question is legit and remains!!  (1)

Speaking of Cute, so was Laura Jones (yeah, yeah, I know, I spilled the beans several posts ago about how She was one of may favorite models back in the 70s.  But who can blame me?!!?  I didn't think so!!)

Hey, hey!!  The "Body Shoppe" idea originated from Sears. What is Spiegel doing here?!???  A cheap knockoff  I suspect.  Not cool man!!  Not cool at all (well okay, the models are cute and all, so I guess it's 'okay').

Totally Karen, totally bodysuits, and totally cute!!  Dang man, these bodysuits are driving me crazy!!!

More bodysuits, more cuteness all around!!  And why do they have to say "Body Suits are Fun"? The mind wanders.....

Well maybe they're "Fun"because one can wear them in so many ways like here with "Double Knit Flares". Perfect for hitting the disco in style!!

Or one can upscale them to "Make a Dazzling Entrance." (2)

Of course, you could also just wear them with those awesome 70s low cut jeans like Kathy does here! Can.Kathy.Get.Any.Cuter?   Well it may not seem possible after seeing this, but I wouldn't doubt it knowing her!!   

Well, for now we've answered that question for this post.  She looks pretty cute if you ask me, but I'm sure the question will be raised again in future posts!


(1) Yeah I know that this is a bit of a re-post - sort of the same pic from a different source.  Still it's worth a second look!

(2) Thanks to one our astute readers, this lovely regular of the 70s catalogs has been identified as Sylvia Poorth.  Thanks!

Monday, September 19, 2016

That's So 70s: Fall into Fall Fashions!!

And what better way to Fall into Fall Fashions than with the Fall / Winter Big Book catalogs from the past. And just to make it a little more interesting, let's do a Big Book showdown between Sears and JCP!!

First up is that venerable icon of catalogs - Sears.....
And boy do they start off with a strong offering of early 70s grooviness.  The combination of the hat with the vest with the leggings with the shorts is going to be tough to beat.  However Karen and the other model seem to be averting their eyes.   Kathy's probably thinking "What, what?  I got this outfit from Sears.  They said it is what all the cool kids are wearing to school this year!!  What are you guys snickering about!!"

Well JCP what do you have to offer for round one?
Well JCP decided to go with the "comfort" route.  however, they seem to have borrowed the orange leggings idea from Sears!!  The model on the right with hand out seems to be going "whoa there Kay, easy on the bright orange."

Despite the nice mini and orange-shock stockings on Kay, I have to give round 1 to Sears!!

For round 2, we'll let JCP go first.  Thy had better step up their game!!
I guess they're thinking that the groovy hat is what it takes to win.  And I have to admit that if I was back in school and saw Kay walking down the street in that matching mini skirt ensemble, well, I would know that I was having a good day!

Still the rest seems a bit ordinary.  Has JCP left the door open for Sears to steal round 2??
Hmmm, We all know that the 70s were known for their earth tone fashions, but sorry, this just doesn't get the job done.  Looks light JCP squeaks by to take round 2.

Well it appears with things tied up at 1 to 1, the winner of round 3 will take this scintillating completion (yeah I know, the anticipation is almost too much to bear.)  And to make it a bit more interesting we'll make this the all Kathy round!!  Every entry will have to include Kathy.

No drab styles here.  Sears seems to have learned from its mistake in the previous round and gone all out here by throwing in a little bit of everything.  Its like an explosion of dazzling 70s back to school goodness!!

Oh no!  Has JCP made the same mistake with the muted colors?!?! Well I suppose that they are counting on those boots to pull  it off.  And in addition we have a bonus pic of Kathy in the lower left.

Very, very nice. This might just win it for JCP, except that,......Wait!  We have a late entry....

Aldens jumps into the competition at the last moment with the grooviest of groovy 70s back to school fashions. Coordinated green suede outfits?  Check!  Turtleneck sweaters?  Check!  And finally, mock suede hats??  Check and checkmate by Aldens!!

Sorry Sears and JCP. You fought hard, but this just goes to show that you can't overlook those groove-tatsic budget fashions form Aldens!!


(1) Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

Monday, September 12, 2016

K Club Special #29 - Kathy Loghry - Part 4!!

Why have a special post dedicated to the same model that the entire blog is named after?  Good question, but these "K Club Special" posts are where we focus on a particular model's career.  So why not do that with Kathy also?

A modeling head shot for Kathy.  Hmmm, it says that she was 5'7" which is well above average.  I always thought that she was a bit on the short side, but apparently not!

Since Kathy's career spanned the the 70s,  I decided to take one catalog pic from each year of the that decade to highlight her career.......

From 1970, a super cute pic off Kathy from Penneys.  (Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi).

And from 1971 another cutie pie pic - this time from Sears!

Okay, okay, I'll stop with the whole "cute" thing since Kathy is cute in every pic like here form 1972.

For a couple of years, Kathy did a modeling stint in Italy.  Thanks to our friend "Al" in Italy, we have some great pics of that part of her career - like here from Vestro Catalogo in 1973.

And again Kathy is on the move in 1974.  This is also from Vestro.  However, this pic is from a modeling shoot in Tunisia!! (Yeah, it was definitely a different world then.)

Back in the USA for 1975 we can't leave out Aldens catalog. After all Kathy was a regular there.

Kathy and Karen again in 1976.  This is from Sears - Simpson Sears that is.

The year is 1977 and she is still going strong as a "go to" catalog model.

When you got that Fall / Winter Big Book catalog in the mail, you just KNEW what that meant - it's sweater time again (1978).

By 1979 Kathy still was making appearances in the catalogs, but not as much.

We'll end this look back at Kathy's career with another black and white pic.  This time from Seventeen magazine with Kathy flashing that million dollar smile that we'll always remember and associate with her!

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Year in Review - Part 4!!

Can you believe it!! Four years.  If you told me when I started this blog that four years later it would still be going strong, I would have never, NEVER believed you.  But here we are looking back at Year 4!!

If one theme dominated Year 4 for the Kathy Loghry blogspot it was new sources of unexpected material.  A prime example is a rare find of Kathy modeling in Italy thanks to

 Of course we still had plenty of 70s groovy fashions from the usual sources like here from JCP!!

ANd again from JCP.  This time with Susan Dey (and a little friend!!)

Yep we had more bodysuits in Year 4!!

A rare find from a Lana Lobbel catalog.

These gals make going back to school something to look forward to!!

 Like I said!!!

Like I said!!

 Yep, bodysuits were definitely a hit again last year!!

Yes they were!!

 The plaids returned - this time in winter wear!!

PETA readers need to avert their eyes here.  Things have certainly changed a lot since the 70s!

Another rare find - this time from a Jewel catalog.

Kathy and Karen were always a great pair!!

 Like I said!!

Like I said!!

"What Kind of Man Reads the Kathy Loghry Blogspot?"   Well all the cool ones I suppose!!

Several "mystery models" were identified in Year 4 thanks to our loyal readers - like Laura Jones here!!

Year 4 saw more awesomeness from Columbia Minerva..........

 And more 70s fitness fashions from Penneys....

And more 70s cozy sleepwear from Wards.....

And more 70s Jeans Scene from Sears.....

And more uber cuteness from Simpsons Sears.......

 Like I said!!  More cuteness!!

Wedding fashions with Kathy from 1982.  Some of the latest modeling pics of her that I've come across!!

 Karen, Kathy, and Colleen together!!

A very nice pic courtesy of Blue Senshi!!

I had to throw in one non-Kathy pic.  Jayne and Jane are certainly fan favorites!!

 One final pic of Kathy and Karen.

Well it has been another great year here at the Kathy Loghry blogspot.  Once again I'd like to thank all my loyal readers for their support, comments, and contributions.  Certainly I look forward to a fantastic upcoming year.  And as custom, we'll start Year 5 out with a special on Kathy herself!!

See you next week for the start of Year 5!!