Thursday, September 28, 2017

William Shatner Sings!!

Sort of, not really, of man this is terrible, a piece of 70s that we'd rather forget.....

Good God in heaven, save us!!............

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Hot Pants Zone, Part 5 - TEOTWAWKI!!

Attention Dear Readers!  As some of you may know, some people have predicted that The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) on Sept. 23, 2017.  It has something to do with a constellation arrangement or something.

Yeah, yeah, I've heard predictions like this before also.  But you never know.  Maybe this time is teh Big One?!??   But I say forget about the stars.  Let's consult the groovy fashions of the 70s to see if there is a sign!  In other words, we are entering, once again, The Hot Pants Zone..............

OMG!  It's a Plaid, Plaid World meets Hots Pants Kicky!!  Does that make this pic "It's a Plaid, Kicky World?!?"  Categories are colliding!  Worlds are colliding. Surely this is a sign!!  The Apocalypse is upon us!!  And Jill seems super excited regardless!!

Oh no!  Now instead of plaid, we have gingham!!  Worlds are colliding again!!  However, Kathy and Colleen seemed unconcerned. (1)  Perhaps that is the best attitude to take!!

70s footwear and Hot Pants!  Throw in the glasses (to protect one's eyes from the nuclear fallout, no doubt!) and we still have worlds colliding!!

Surely this isn't happening!  Who knew that Hot Pants would be a portent of TEOTWAWKI!!  Can this madness continue????
 It can and it does!!  Now we have have Hot Pants and a Tunic.  All sorts of categories are colliding!

As we can see here!!  Forget about the "minor revolution." (2)  We have a full bore existential crisis on our hands here folks!!  Minis, Maxis, Giant Ties, and Hot Pants, oh my!!  And Karen is playing ping pong (excuse me, ahem, I should say Table Tennis, please no nasty comments form all you Table Tennis fans.)

And we have shoelaces on shirts no less!!  Surely this is the sign of TEOTWAWKI.!!  Run to the hills, Take cover!! Worlds are Colliding!!


(1)  Yes, there is a giant hand on the right side.  Whose is it??  Well that will have to wait for another post (assuming the world still exists of course!)

(2) What the heck is a "minor" revolution??

Monday, September 18, 2017

K Club Special, Part 38: Kathy Loghry, Part 5!!

Perhaps this post should be titled "Kathy Loghry, All American Dream Girl."  Because, that is what she was, as we will see as we look at how it all began!!   So let's get Year 6 of this blog started off right!

This is a really nice picture of Kathy taken for a local newspaper article  So how did Kathy get to this point??  We're going to go back to the very earliest part of her career!

She was a contestant for the Rose Bowl queen.  So she was doing lots of beauty stuff early on.  This is from 1966.   I had to include the Gemini capsule part.........So  cool...

Was Kathy a cheerleader, you ask?!?! Yes, yes she was. Let's check it out~~
At Oregon State, she was a member of the Rally Girls. She is at the bottom in this pic.

Hmmm, I seem to detect a pattern here. Kathy seemed to be a favorite in teh local paper, The Oregonian, in those days.  I have that Oregon State Beaver spirit bigly now!!

Kathy on the left with the OSU beaver on the right.  Okay, okay, this is where I'm VERY tempted to insert a totally inappropriate beaver innuendo.  No! Bad blogger, very, very bad!!

The Rally Squad at the stadium.  Kathy is at the top center.

So as we covered in a previous post (here) she competed in the Centennial Queen competition her junior year.  That led to her first moldeling contract and she was on her way...........
And the local paper, The Oregonian, was very proud of her as you can see here where they did a big article about her early career  This is from 1970 and it states that she did some television commercials. Man, I'd love to find those (I've looked with no luck.)  

If you read the article she comments about a then recent Colgate shampoo commercial "I get pretty wet."   Like I said, I've got to find those commercials!! (2)

And you'll notice that the main pic of her is the same as the very first pic of this post. Hmmmm.

Naturally we know her best from all the groovy catalog appearances that she made, where that million dollar smile of hers was always on display!
This seems to have been part of something else?!?

Ah yes, that's better!  Nice hat!

She did some modeling in Europe also.
Like here for Vestro Catalog from Italy! (1)

I'm seeing Kathy doubles!  She and Shelley appear to be getting squished by a giant hand!!

Oh, it's Kathy again!  So she's smashing herself - twice?!?  Oh well, best to not analyze this too closely! (3)  And on that note it's probably best to wrap this post up!

Once again I'd like to thank all my loyal readers.  I have a feeling that it's going to be a fantastic year 6 here at the Kathy Loghry Blogspot!!


(1) This pic is courtesy of AL from Italy.  Thanks!!

(2) You might take time to read this article.  In it Kathy states that she was modeling mostly for ages 16 - 18 and that she wasn't sure how long see could so "the young" thing.  Well, she pulled it off for quite a long career!!

(3)  These two pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi! Thanks!!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Guilty Pleasure

Yeah I had the record, but in my defense, I was like in 4th grade man......

And yeah the cute brunette that sat in front of me, well, yeah, I was dizzy man!!!

Those days were so innocence!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Year End Review!

Wow it's been another year already, so it's time for our annual year end review where we highlight the best groovy 70s pics of the year!

And this year I'm going to TRY and only select one pic from each month.  You can make your own calendar from them if you'd like!!

And for January,why not start out with "Bandana Americana?"  That's Sooooo 70s....

A super cute pic of Kathy and Karen, what a pair!!

Ahhh, swimsuits!

Yeah, you knew that I wasn't going to be able to stick to just one pic per month.  After all how could I leave out a swimsuit pic of Kathy with a young Christie Brinkley?

Jumpsuit madness courtesy of Kathy and Colleen.

And there is no way I could leave out the bodysuits!

I do believe that both these pics simply HAD to be included.

I rest my case!

"What sort of man reads the Kathy Loghry Blogspot?"  Apparently one who is very proud of his, er, tool.

Good Lord! 'Nuff said!

I simply HAD to include the groovy hat that Kathy is sporting!

One more swimwear pic!  You're welcome!!

In November I had a post about how Kathy competed in a completion for the NCAA Centennial Queen.  So how'd it turn out?

Well she finished as a runner up.  Not bad, but come on man?!?  Perhaps the Ruskies hacked that election also?!?!?!

That started Kathy's modeling career.  Little could she imagine that just a few short years latter she'd be modeling all the grooviest fashions of the 70s.  Like here with the awesome His 'n Her matching shirts, er, jackets, leisure suits, er, whatever they are!!

Once again I have to thank my loyal readers.  I hope you enjoy these look backs into the crazy 70s as much as I do!!  Oh yeah, as many of you know, I always start out a new year with a K Club Special post on Kathy herself.  And like previous years, I've been saving some choice material for that!  Until then!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

We Are Back Online!!

Hey everyone, we made it through Harvey okay!  Thanks to everyone who sent emails inquiring about us!  They were much appreciated.

It seems like a year has passed, but it was only the week before last when Harvey blew up in the Bay of Campeche and made a beeline straight towards Corpus.  In truth, it caught everyone a bit off guard.  So we had to made the decision on whether to ride it out or bug out.

The Fantasy......
Please note that is NOT me, just some Random Man Boob Guy (RMBG) whose bravado is larger than his brain.  I'm not sure what the shotgun is supposed to do.  But based on its positioning, perhaps it is to compensate for other shortcomings....

The Reality.......
Unfortunately that WAS me.  At least until we bugged out to the Hill Country.

It's never a good day when you wake up and see this guy broadcasting live from your home town.

Yep, time to pack up the kids, dogs, and old folks and GTFO!

We Okies know a thing or two about bugging out!

Later that night at our hotel room.  I think we made the correct call.  It's kind of weird sitting around a hotel and watching all this on TV.

Yep, we were thinking the same thing "Why are you standing out in the hurricane?  Why not just go inside?  What is the point of this?" and finally "You must have REALLY pissed off your boss!"

Overall we can't complain.  After we got back we were without power for several days and we had some fence and tree damage, but we were lucky.  Basically if Harvey had hit about 30 miles to the south, we would have been underwater due to the storm surge.  I have several friends who had property in Rockport and it is pretty much a complete loss.  Also, as you know, Houston got horrible flooding.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Next week we'll return to our regular programming featuring the groovy Big Book catalogs of the 70s. Until then!