Wednesday, February 27, 2019

That's So 70s: Pants!

And not just any pants, but groovy 70s pants from JCPenney!!

 Nothing but stylish 70s fashions here, perfect for back to school!!

All I can say is "That's sooo 70s!!"

Sunday, February 24, 2019

When Life Was Groovy: Lounge Time!!

And lounging with the models of the Big Book catalogs of the 70s!

Dottie and Kay start us out with some groovy lounge wear from Sears!

 Kay looks resplendent in lounge wear from JCPenneys...

Whether hosting a party or out on the patio, lounge wear was the thing!!

Even in Canada they wore lounge wear, these are from Simpsons Sears.

Kay looks comfie in a robe from JCPenneys!!

And finally from Aldens - elegance!!

Lounge wear means leisure time from Aldens!!  I can feel the disco spirit here for sure!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Waiting to Sizzlin' by the Shore Baby!!

Get ready for Summer!!

Bikinis, bandannas, and sunglasses!!  Can't say I can complain!

 A rare pic of ALL four of the K Club members in one totally awesome, Sears swimsuit pic: Karen Kathy (of course), Kay, and Colleen.  Yep I'm ready for summer now!!

The 70s were awesome, and here's the proof (forget that silly AI software form the last post!)

And not only in the US of A, but in the Great White North, too!!

 Yeah, Simpsons Sears gets into the summer fever with some groove-tastic swimsuits of their own!!

Not bad, not bad at all!! I know that I'm ready for summer!!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The 70s Where Awesome...Wait, What!!!

Readers of this blog probably remember when I posted about an AI software that rated pictures on how awesome they are....

The 70s were awesome

So I thought it would be a good idea to try this again with some more of teh groovy, totally awesome Big Book catalogs pics.....

What?!?! Something MUST be terribly wrong here.  No way that pic isn't awesome.  Let's try that again......

Okay, okay clearly this software isn't working anymore.  One more time......

Well at least it isn't zero!!!

Still something must have changed.  So I decided to try a pic that last time got a 99.9% awesomeness rating....

Whoa there!!!  Only 15% now.  Obviously the software must have been updated, and by someone that doesn't appreciate just how awesome the 70s were!!

Let's try another pic from the previous post that got a 100% awesomeness rating...
Well that confirms it!!  They must have really changed the software!! And not for the better.

Let's run one more test. If you recall, there was one more pic that scored a 100% last time...
Yep, that proves it.  Whoever reprogrammed this thing obviously doesn't have a sense of humor!!!  But I don't care what this silly program says now.  The 70s Big Book catalogs were freaking awesome, 100% awesome!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Fashion as Couples Therapy: The Call of the Wild!!

Straight from Aldens and just in time for winter season closeout, classic His 'n Hers winter fashions from Aldens.....

Fake fur coats? Check!, denim leisure jacket?, Check! plaid-like bell bottoms? Check!, Turtleneck sweater? Check!,  Two hot babes? Check, check, check, and CHECK!!  This guy has the 70s covered in Aldens cool style!! (1)

Now, wait just one cotton-pickin minute!!  This guy might have him beat!!  I mean with a velvet suit and bow tie, I say that he has teh previoous dude, checkmated!! (2)

Hey, what is that blurb about plaids?!?!?! I don't, oh wait a minute!!!

Oh.My.Goodness!!!  The 70s plaid craziness is back with a vengeance!!!!  This guy may be pouring on the 70s style just a wee bit much (but those patent leather white shoes tho!!!)

So what to say about this one???  The double-breasted jacket with matching cuffed pants??? Or the oh, so cool hat????  Hard to say.

But what I can say about all of these cool cats is "That's Sooo 70s!!!"


(1) Maybe i should have saved this pic for one the "What Sort of Man...." posts, oh well.

(2)Yep, you read it right.  The lady is wearing a full length, mink coat.......fro Aldens no less.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Random Goodness: Good Catches by the Sea!!

Get ready for summer!!!
Everything that you need for those long, hot summer days (model not included!!)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Maillots and Rompers, Oh My!!

And from JCPenney.......
Jayne Modean and Karen Bruun!! Yeah this is one of those sales circulars where the picture quality is low but the 70s model hotness is high!!  Oh, those where the days my friends!!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

When Life Was Groovy! Shaggy Jackets!

What's the best way to beat the "polar vortex?"

Why with Shaggy Jackets form Aldens!  The furs may be fake, but there is nothing fake about Kathy and Kay with smiles warm enough to melt the coldest polar vortex!!