Monday, November 28, 2016

Centennial Princess - Updated!!

Way back, Way WAY back in the early history of this blog I had a post about a very critical  part of Kathy's career.  It was the 1968 NCAA Centennial Queen competition.  I noticed, after exchanging emails with a loyal reader, that the original links are broken.

Well that just will not do.  After all, here at the World Wide Headquarters of The Kathy Loghey Blogspot we are very sensitive to customer satisfaction.  And with our ever improving technology (thanks to our ever productive research department) we are proud to present an updated version of that post.

"Centennial Queen, what is that ?" you ask.  Well, 1968 was the 100th anniversary of the NCAA.  And one of the ways that they celebrated that fact was with a Queen competition.  Each school nominated a candidate and then each conference selected from among them.  Then there as a national vote and, well it's pretty complicated, but it was kind of like a combination of Survivor and Idol.

So who did Oregon State choose?

Naturally they chose Kathy...

And naturally she was selected for the National competition as the Pac 8 rep..

This naturally this caused a major stir in a local effort to elect Kathy as Centennial Queen...
Notice that one actually had to send a card to an address - no email or texting back then!

Even the governor voted for Kathy! And that is Dick Fosbury who pioneered the high jump technique of going over the bar backwards.  Up to that time, high jumpers went over the bar in a forwards manner.  The new technique was called the "Fosbury Flop" and is used by all high jumpers today.

"A vote for Kathy is a vote for Oregon"  Well said.....

Here are some pics from the original link showing teh 14 finalists....

And a close up....
Elementary Education.  Hmmm, somehow I think her career goals were about to take a major change!!

So how did it turn out?  Well she made it to the final three...
And then, well, she finished second........

"What?!?" I'm sure you're saying right now.  I mean how could she finish second??  The winner, Barbara Specht of Texas Tech, I'm sure was a very lovely gal (and I know a thing or two about Texas Tech coeds, but that's, ahem, another story,)  But, this is Kathy Loghry of future modeling fame. Oh well, perhaps the voters didn't get the full story or something.  Still this launched Kathy's career as she got a major modeling contract in all this.

Both Kathy and the other finalist were given the title of Centennial Princess, hence the title of this post.
 Yeah, Kathy doesn't seem too upset finishing second.  After all, she already had a major modeling contract in her pocket when this pic was taken.
Still, this is a great look back in time.  The year 1968 was so turbulent in so many ways.  All of these lovely ladies represented what was best in America then.

Monday, November 21, 2016

That's So 70s, Winter Wear - Part 5!!

Finally, finally, the first cold (okay kind of cool) weather hits South Texas which allows me to finally, finally crank out another post on the wonderful, groove-tatsic winter wear of the 70s Big Book Catalogs!!

Admittedly these coats are not all that 70s chic.  Still Dottie is wearing a pretty stylish jacket described as "fake fur is real fashion."  Whew, perhaps we can get through a post on winter wear without offending the PETA types (we'll see!!)

When you say "winter wear" you'll really saying "groovy knit caps, scarfs, and mittens"!!

 Can't get much cuter than that - especially in wintertime.

 All kinds of mod winter happenings here.  And it appears that taht Kathy has gotten into teh knits too!! (This pic and the following pic are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!)

Yep, very nice!!

Piles and piles of groovy 70s winter polyesters - and not a real fabric in sight.  Yep, it looks lkek I might finally get through a post of winter without offending.......

Whoops!  Spoke too soon.  Real leather?!?  And real leather boots?!?

Ahhh, back to the man made fibers - along with a little wool which I don't think anyone will find objectionable.  Wait, what's that teeny pic in the upper left??

Why it's Kathy and friend.  That is about the smallest pic of Kathy I've seen so far in these catalogs!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Models Behaving Badly, Part 3 - The Couples!!

Well, well, first it was the men who showed us the cruder side of 70s modeling and then teh ladies, ahem, showed us that all was not, wute so ladylike back then.  In case you need a refresher, check out these two posts.

But that's nothing compared to when they team up.  That's when the mischief and youthful hooliganism hits the fan!!

like Wow. Just. Wow.  Just so many Happening here: Riding a motorcycle with open toe shoes, arms out wide, and AND no helmet!! Yeah, ride with the wind in your hair like you got no care. (Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks)

Except, except, it doesn't appear that the motorcycle is actually moving.  Uhhh, how embarrassing - so much for their bad boy and bad girl images.  Maybe next time they should have thought about NOT having the kickstand down.

So when then the motorcycle doesn't make you look like a tough guy, there's only one thing left to do.  Go topless.....
Ha, ha, got you!!  Naturally, this being a G rated blog and all, I can't go there.  But I can show you "cool shirtless dude with scarf."  Whatever game he's got, it appears to be working.  After all, Kathy ditched Harley Boy for him.  Still these two young miscreants look like trouble to me!!

So does the scarf suddenly make you a "bad boy?"

Nahhh.  If the only thing this guy notices is that, then, well, the scarf isn't going to help his image.  Maybe that's why he has to ride in the back!!

And don't think that this 70s juvenile delinquency was limited to the wanna be motorcycle gangs....
Nope.  "Hey you guys! Just because daddy bought you a boat doesn't mean you flaunt all the safety rules.  Get back in the boat young man!!!!"

First we stared out on land, then moved to the water, now we're back on land with these three for a little off-roading.  Which let's face it, isn't that mischievous.  Still, why is the gal, who is dressed like the guy on the left letting the guy on the right put his arm around her.  I don't think we can go there (it's still a G rated blog after all.)

So much 70s grooviness going on here that it's easy to almost miss Kathy behaving very, very badly. For shame Kathy, for shame!!

All this youthful hooliganism started outside, but it ends, as if often does, at the bar with some youthful high jinx involved!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

When Life Was Groovy Part 4 - Fall Dresses!!

We are most definitely in the Autumn season now.  And with the temperatures cooling, everyone well into the Fall semester at school, and Thanksgiving just around the corner, what better time to take a look back at some uber cool Fall dresses from the 70s Big Book catalogs!

And to keep it classy (because this is ALWAYS such a classy blog) let's make this an all Spiegel look at Fall dresses! (1)

These dresses are very cool, but they're also pretty hot! Let's take a close up of the dress Kathy is wearing in the middle...

Yep, Autumn leaves - perfect for Fall (and the other dresses are nice too!)

More classiness from Spiegel.

"Okay, everyone step to your right, hold your Coca Cola and look left to read a book."

Now everyone step to your left, keep looking left and...Kathy you're out of sync here!  And no, it isn't time for a coffee break so put down that cup!!

 Spiegel could get groovy (sort of) when it came to those all important "back to school" fashions!

 More cool dresses for Fall from Spiegel!  Still, where is that touch of 70s grooviness that we have come to expect from the Big book catalogs?

Okay, this is more like it!  We've got some real 70s grooviness form Kathy and Donna.  But I have one question "What's up with the ropes?  And why are they on the floor on the left and hanging from the ceiling on the right?  And why are Kathy's boots blue?"  Well that's three questions, but you get the idea.

Yes Fall was a time for fashions from Spiegel (check out that old typewriter!!)