Monday, November 24, 2014

Models Behaving Badly - Part 2 The Ladies!

Yes it's been a year since we saw how the men in those 70s catalogs behaved badly.  As I remember it all started with lechery and ended in complete debauchery.  Oh the shame!!  In case you missed it, here is a link to that post.  Be warned however, their boorish behavior is shocking and has no place in decent society!

Now it's the ladies turn.  And I use that term loosely because, while they may seem all sweet and nice on the outside, they certainly were up to no good also!!

"Hey guys, enough already.  You're pulling a little too hard there.  I didn't know he was your boyfriend.  No really I didn't. What, you're pulling harder now.  HEY STOP IT!"  Surely that isn't our very own Kathy and Karen pulling that poor gal apart.  I mean it is Thanksgiving week and all, but they're giving her the wishbone treatment here! (Nice boots by the way)

Ahh yes, there was a time when gossip had to be done via an actual telephone.  Note the stylish black color, the sleek smallish size, and the ease of use.  Well maybe not!  These poor gals had to, ***gasp*** SHARE one phone.  OMG!! LMAO!  How did girls survive in this technological wasteland before cell phones?  How was the serious business of daily gossip sustained??

Well, there was always the method of actually talking one-on-one!   Here we have a couple of ladies decked out for the big dinner party and passing some dirt on one of other guests.  Not sure what these ladies think is so darn funny, but it's obvious to me that they're up to no good!

Talk about kicking a girl when she is down!  There are so many questions here.  Did Kathy fall down or was she pushed?!?  Is that gal on the left keeping her down as Kathy struggles to get up?  And why are the gals on the right dancing a jig?  Are they celebrating Kathy's misfortune?  Like I said - so many questions.  There must have been one doozie of a story to put together all these pieces. (1)

Don't worry about Kathy.  She gets her revenge here. Once more, so many questions.  Did Cay fall down or was "helped".  No matter what, Kathy seems to be be holding her down.  What did Cay do that was so horrible?  Once again, there must be something going on here behind the scenes. I guess we'll never know the truth. (1)

Yes, compared to the guys, these ladies bad behavior is more subdued - no exploding golf courses and such.  Still, as you can see here in these pics, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Speaking of keeping an eye on someone.  I have a feeling that there's still someone sneaking around out there...
Yeah, you there gopher.  We know you're still out there stirring up trouble.  So you'd better keep your head down.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


(1) These pics are courtesy off Blue Senshi. Thanks!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fashion as Couples Therapy (Part 7) Baby It's Cold Outside!

Brrrrr!! Old Man Winter blew in with a vengeance and is it cold!!  Even down here in South Tejas, it's cold (okay relatively speaking).  In 2014 we have "polar vortexes" which I really don't understand.  Back in the 70s, we just called it cold weather.  But not to worry, polar vortex or not, with His n' Hers coordinates form the Big Book catalogs, you could stay extra cozy warm with that special someone!!

"Oh, baby, it's cold outside....."  Yes it is.  But what better way to snuggle up to your main squeeze than in matching double breasted pea coats with matching scarves or matching faux-wool shirt jackets!  I like the guy's hat too - very suave!!

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it's most delightful.."  And what better way to snuggle up in warmth by the fire than in matching sweaters!! One thing about the 70s is that they had a thing for collars.  If you wore those collars out today, you'd get some strange looks!

Brrrrr!!  For that really cold wintery blast, you need to bring out the heavy coats.  Still that's no reason to not have matching His n' Hers styles!!  Here they even come in plaid for that Northern lumberjack look!!

This is just like the first pic, except that the guy that WAS with Kathy is now with Karen and the guy that WAS with Kay in the second pic is now with Kathy.  What's going on here?!?!?  Well it was the 70s after all!!

Ahh yes, in the 70s, you weren't a REAL couple unless everything matched - wool hats included. Heck they even have matching pants on!

Yes, even the scarves had to match.  Except, wait a minute here, what is that guy doing in a non-matching hat?!?!?  That is a clear signal that he is wanting his "space".  Not a good sign for this couple at all!

Yep, the matching leather trenchcoats with matching plaid "mufflers".  I hope it is was chilly in the studio because those coats look absolutely suffocating!

Still, no matter how bundled up a couple was in their coats, scarves, and hats, there is one piece of winter apparel that is timeless...

Sweaters says it all!!!  (especially in Wintuk Orlon Acrylic!)

Programming note: I posted early this week since I'm going to be out for a few days.  Next week I'll resume posting on Mondays.  That will give you extra time to dig these groovy winter coordinates. Keep those comments coming, but I probably won't be able to reply for a while.

Monday, November 10, 2014

What to Expect When You Are Expecting - Part 4!

The 70s Big Book catalogs covered every aspect of life.  Like we've discussed before, they were like our internet back then.  And those Big Books covered every aspect of life - even that "special" time for women.  Yes, they even had you covered then - all of you!

Yes, 'Stylish Super Separates" are just what the new mom-to-be needs to perk her up!  Look at the happy smiles!! That is what I remember when we were expecting (yeah, right).

WOW, talk about stylish!! Kathy and Kay are definitely super styled here!! It almost makes a gal WANT to get pregnant to wear these stylish clothes.  Okay, maybe not...

I'm sorry.  I just don't see "expecting" and plaid going together.  And, let's face it, in the later stages that much plaid ain't going to look too good.

More plaid for the expectant mom.  However, this plaid is a bit more subdued, perfect for the 70s!

No reason you can't join in with all the family activities - including swimming!!

"The Look is Versatile".  Well, it better be!  Fashion in the 70s was all about style and versatility - no matter what the occasion!

Kathy, Karen, and Kay looking hot.  No, wait, they are in maternity clothes so you can't say that, but wait, they are not actually pregnant so it's okay, but still.   Oh heck I'm confused!!

Ahh yes, the cutesy saying.:  "Under Construction" just to let everyone know (as if there was any doubt.) No doubt that shirt will bring back some memories out there!!

Let's face it, the 70s weren't just about discos and bell bottom jeans as we have seen here.  Even when a woman was expecting, she could still expect to stay fashionably attired 70s style thanks to those Big Book catalogs!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Random Weirdness: Crazy Catalog Stuff (Part 5) or How Your Parents Took Selfies!

"Grandpa, what kind of cell phones did they have back in the 70s?"

"Son, we didn't have cell phones."

"Geez, Grandpa, How did you take selfies?"

"Well we really didn't take 'selfies' per say, but we used a camera."

"A, a, cam-er-uh, what?"

"Okay, okay, son, it may seem like a primitive era, along time ago, but let me explain..."
"Yes, we had actual cameras that were dedicated to nothing but..... taking pictures!" (1)

"You mean you couldn't send texts them also?!??!?"

"Errr, no, for example..."

"Yes, son, the pictures would magically develop right before your eyes!!"

"And the flash photography...let me tell ya..."

"In the 70s, you knew when you had your picture taken because you couldn't see anything but black spots for 5 minutes!!" (2)

"Grandpa, how did you post those pictures on Facebook?"

"Well, we didn't have anything like that.  But we had something better for sharing pictures with family and friends."
"Let me tell you son, when the slide projector to show pictures of your last vacation came out, you knew that party was going to take off!!"

"Grandpa, I heard that in the 70s you had something called 'key parties'.  Is that what you're talking about?"

"Well, not exactly.  Anyway....."
"To really impress the neighbors, we also had the 'Cube' projectors.  That let everyone know that you were on the cutting edge of the latest technology!"

"Grandpa, it all sounds so difficult.  I mean the clunky cameras, having to wait for the picture, and no way to post them online. Not to mention the expense!"

"Well, yes it was.  And not only that, to take a really good picture required actual skill.  Often times, I couldn't figure out how to work those dadbern contraptions!"

"So, Grandpa, what was the point?"

"Well, the point is this.  Because taking a picture required effort, you had to make sure your picture was worth the effort. For example.."
"Ohh, NOW I see what you're talking about!!"


(1) This fantastic pic of Kathy is from a TV Guide and is courtesy of Blue Senshi.

(2) These things should have come with a warning "Caution, Do Not Look Directly At The Camera.  May Cause Blindness"