Sunday, December 27, 2020



So these are all uniforms so why the tea?  or is it coffee??

So nothing says "uniform" like all white!!  Kind of boring.  Let's spice it up a bit!!

I have no idea what kind of uniforms these are!!  But at least they aren't all white!!

Okay, I have never seen uniforms like these at any pizza place I've been in!!

Anyone up for a safari??  S&H had the unis for you!!

What everyone needs: aprons!! And not only that put his 'n hers matching aprons no less!!

Speaking of cooking.....

You'll be looking great in these classic chef's outfits (complete with a puffy hat!!)

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Great Christmas Idea: Bodysuits!!

 Actually it's a Big Idea from Aldens......

So what's the connection to Christmas you ask?? Why these bodysuits are sweater knits! What a Big Idea that is!!

And let's face it, bodysuits are just as a great idea today as in the 70s!!

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Little Book Catalogs: Lana Lobell 73

Yes The Big Book catalogs of the 70s were groovy, but let's not forget about The Little Book Catalogs also, like Lana Lobell!!!

And we start off with a cape with extra wide lapels on the cover no less.  This is going to some groovy 70s fashion fun!!

"Go Baby!"  I couldn't have said it any better than that! Even in The Little Book Catalogs Kathy and Karen were quite the pair! I really like the pink bell bottoms and the ole timey bicycle!!

Hmm, so apparently Lana Lobell was a real person??  

Even Shelly Hack made an appearance in this groovy mag!!

Bell bottoms with cuffs!  That's soooo 70s!!  And the white gloves must be a throw back to the 50s!!

From pink bell bottoms to peach and polka dot ones, Lana Lobell had your disco needs covered!!

Palazzos and body suits, what a combo!!!

Kathy looking good!!

Dresses..Pants..Jumpshorts, oh my!! Everything you need for Spring! What a way to close out this post!!