Monday, March 31, 2014

Let's Get Into Physical (Part 2): Tennis Everyone?

"Grandpa, what kind of computer games did you have when you were a kid?"

"Well we had Pong and then later Space Invaders, and then Galaga, which was like way cool at the time."

"That's it!  Man, you guys must have been really bored.  I mean what else did you do?"

"Son, this may sound impossible to you, but we actually went outside to play games.  And, yes, we had fun."

"Huh?  What kind of games can you play outside?"

"Well back in the 70s, the tennis craze was all the rage.  Hard to believe, but it was considered a major sport - right up there with football, baseball and hockey."

"What?  hockey was considered a major sport?"

"Okay, smart guy.  I remember EVERYONE took up tennis then.  And, believe you me, it was a great place to see all the lovely ladies!"

"Well grandpa, I play tennis"

"Son, Wii tennis doesn't count."

"Yep, not only was tennis great fun and great for socializing, it was great exercise too."  You just never knew who would show up at the courts!"  "Son, stop fiddling with that dadbern iPhone and pay attention!"

"Another great thing about tennis is that it was a great date choice.  You got to take the girl to a classy place, have some laughs while you play, and then grab a bite to afterwards.  You can't do that playing video games!" (1)

"Hello?, son?"


"Have you heard ANYTHING I've been saying?  Put away that infernal contraption and you might learn a thing or two about how to set up a great date for a girl."

"Grandpa, what do you mean by a 'date'?  Is that like a hook-up?"

Sigh.   "No, no, no.  It's like...oh never mind, you're generation is hopeless.  Son? son?" **sound of texting**  "Oh great, seems to me that the only exercise you kids get now days is texting on your phones!"  "No wonder all the tennis courts are all empty........"


(1) This pic courtesy of Blue Senshi!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hot Pants (Part 3) - Now they're Terry-iffic!

Oh no, not again! Once more we enter a time vortex of 70s-ness as the past becomes the present, becomes the future. Confused (I know I am), then maybe this guy can help us out.....

There is a 5th dimension, beyond that is known to man...It is vast as space and as timeless as is the middle ground between light and shadow...between science and superstition...and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge...This is the dimension of imagination...It is an area, that we call...................The Hot Pants Zone (cue crazy sounding music) (1).

Once more, the past has written the present which previews the future...time has lost all relevance, and why not!  With gals like this in Hot Pants like these, well, time has no meaning!  In other words, Hot Pants are timeless, beyond time, outside of space-time reality... We have entered the Hot Pants Zone!!!   And in that extra-dimensional zonality, how are the Hot Pants?  Well, they're Terry-ific?!?!? DUH?!?!? (2)

Holy Hot Pants Batman! Talk about "Terry-ific" hot pants! (3) (4)  Note to my dear gentle readers: Yes, I noticed the title of this pic "so soft TERRY", and yes, that prompts a number of stray thoughts and directions of a more - ah, hem - prurient discourse.  However, decorum prevents me from exploring these options - even in the 5th dimension of the Hot Pants Zone, we have standards!

And now, to truly enter that time vortex of the Hot Pants zone, we need to return to a different dimension of reality, one seemingly lost in the misty recesses of time....

Yes, that is our Jayne Modean (her commercial starts at 1:29) touting the advantages of Nair baby oil to keep those stems hot pants ready!   How in the heck did I ever pass my physics and chemistry classes with distractions like this swirling about?!?!?  With Hot Pants everywhere in the 70s and early 80s,  it is a miracle that I learned anything at all!!!

This brings us to a troubling and potentially disturbing question.  Were these hot pants real or just a figment of our imagination, a primal memory from an alternate reality that can only be experienced in what we call.......The Hot Pants Zone (cue more crazy sounding music).


(1)  I don't smoke, but you have to love the cig that Rod is holding in the intro.  No way you could do that today!

(2)  This pic is courtesy of JJ'S Playhouse. Thanks!

(3) This pic is courtesy of BlueSenshi.  Thanks!

(4) What? Save 98 cents (5)?  Seems like an odd amount, must be some sort of marking ploy.  You know 98 cents sounds bigger than 1 dollar.

         (5) Oh great, footnotes to footnotes!  We really must be an alternate reality!  It appears that computer                keyboards no longer have cents signs on them.  Of course I remember when a # was shorthand for                pounds instead of whatever the heck it means now.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random Weirdness: Spring Coordinates Have Sprung!

What better way to follow up last week's post on Winter wear with a post on Spring wear - 70s style of course!  And that naturally means coordinates!  There was something about the 70s that just made people want to dress alike.  Perhaps it was a reaction against the increasing loss of traditional community, or the sense of the loss of existential meaning as long standing societal structures became atomized, or the sense of alienation of the individual in an increasingly chaotic world, or maybe it was just plain groovy!

I admit: This pic is a personal favorite. And what better way to kick off those wintertime blues than with some springtime blue striped coordinated outfits modeled by Kathy and Karen!  I can feel Winter's icy grip on the world slipping away already!

Why not stay with the matching skirt / pantsuit meme?  Kay looks great in this mini, and let's face it.  Minis were made for Spring!  Or if that is a bit too cool, you can just wear the matching pants! (1)

Okay, this is getting ridiculous!  Three matching outfits?  And in flower-power patterns, no less.  Well, when it's Spring, then I guess it's alright!

Nothing says "Spring time" like gingham go-togethers in either blue or pink.  

The outfits may be "The Interchangeables", but Kathy and Karen definitively are not!  Except that they seem to have interchangeable stares at the same point to their right?  There are some really nice insert pics of Colleen, Kathy and Karen also.

And here we have all three models uncoordinated in where they are looking but very coordinated in their attire!  Yes, Spring is finally here.  I think we can all be glad for that!


(1) Courtesy of JJ's Playhouse.  Thanks!

Monday, March 10, 2014

That's So 70s - Winter Wear - Part 2

Hey? What the heck happened to global effing warming?  It's mid-March, in South Tejas AND WE ARE GETTING ANOTHER WINTERY BLAST!!  Okay, already, once the ice sheets hit Dallas, PERHAPS we can all say "Hey! Where's the GLOBAL WARMING!!"

Not to worry, in the 70s they had you covered - head to toe - in the most politically inappropriate Wintertime attire.

Well, Let's start out with some standard winter coats from Sears.  Yeah, it's a black and white pic, but hey. (1)

So much for so-called "Global Warming" in attire like this.  You have to love the "snap-on fur collar" to go with the leather coat.  Somehow, I don;t think this combo is still available today!

Wait, this coat is made of ......GASP....Rabbitt!!  Oh no, not Fluffy!!! (2)  You gotta love the matching handbag!

Here Kathy and friend are really dressed up for some powerful winter weather!  The calendar may say March, but ski wear is still appropriate attire (even during Spring Break?!?! Yikes!!!)

Young Individualists?? Well they of these lovely ladies definitely have the wind in their hair!   Except in the smaller inset picture (I guess the fans were turned off of that one).

Here is a close up of that smaller pic.

This is what we need to stay warm - of course I am referring to the coats.  And these gals will need to stay warm with wintery scene in the background!  Naturally, you gotta love the hat Kathy is wearing....Sooooo 70s! (1)

Whoa! wait a minute.  Am I seeing double again?!?!  Isn't this the same pic of Kathy as the first one in black and white?  Those 70s technicians worked wonders didn't they! (1)


(1) These pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

(2) For those unfamiliar with the horrible fate of Fluffy the Rabbit, please refer to this post.

Monday, March 3, 2014

K Club Special Part 8 - Kay Cambpell - Part 2

Now that we have checked out a few of the other models outside the original four of the K Club (1), it's time to start a second round of specials on Kay, Karen, Colleen, and Kathy.  Of course now I have a numbering problem - this is the 8th K Club special and the second one on Kay, so the titles are getting a little complicated!

Here is a pic from Mademoiselle magazine in 1975. (2)

Another great shot from Jantzen Fashions 1966.  Kay had the perfect, radiant smile. (2)

Kodel Fibers 1968.  I'm not sure about bike riding in those outfits?  Maybe that's why they are not actually on the bikes.  And the model in the back - is that some kind of hat she's wearing?  (2)

Ship 'n Shore 1971.  I'm not really sure what these gals are laughing at, but they are looking down at the smaller pic of the models in long dresses and laughing.  And if you notice, those models are looking up and laughing also, very strange. (2)

Naturally, We know Kay best from the catalogs of the 60s and 70s...

Okay, now we have "The Mixables" with the odd, crazy, up-and-down font (for added effect).  But you have to admit that Kay looks cute (despite that massive necklace and 70s groovy knit handbag).  As an added bonus, we have a great pic of Shelley Hack for all of her fans (and I know you're out there!).

Arnel Triacetrate just bespeaks the best in Jersey Knits!  However Kay, Colleen, and Wendy make them look country-style great!

And the next pics are two of all time personal favorite Kay catalogs pics.....

Kay normally has the big smile and piercing eyes, but here....I can't explain it.  She just has the most perfect pose - both her facial expression and her body language.  As an added bonus, we have Kathy and Karen also.

Here she has her trademark smile going again.  Very nice!

Oh boy, here goes Aldens again with the snazzy titles to go along with the pic!  Polyester naturally "Swings Jauntily into Spring!"  What exactly does that even mean?

Wait, there are two Kays?  What kind of evil 70s trickery is this?  And what better way to end this post than with a double vision pic of Kay!


(1) For those new to this blog, the "K Club" is what I call the foursome of Kathy Loghry, Kay Campbell, Colleen Corby, and Karen Bruun.  They were all very popular models back in the 70s and often appeared together.  The term K Club comes form the fact that all their first names begin with K or a hard k sound.

(2) All of these pics were re-blogged from