Monday, October 26, 2015

K Club Special - Part 22 Jayne Modean (Part 2)

I'm sure my loyal readers are a bit confused right now.  After all these K Club Special have - up to now - followed a predictable pattern.  Every year we do a post on each of the big four K Clubbers (Kathy, Karen, Kay, and Colleen.)  And the rest of the year, we have K Club posts featuring other catalog models of the 70s.

But now we're featuring a second post on Jayne Modean?  Well, here at the Kathy Loghry Blogspot we are always sensitive to our readers requests.  And based on our search stats, Jayne is certainly VERY popular still.  So she earns the first follow up post of outside of the big four.

I have never heard of C & C Cola before, and never seen this ad until recently.  I will give the company credit for one thing - putting Jayne in their commercial.

Speaking of ads........
I think I'm getting very sleepy.

"Curl It!" "Shave It!" Work it girl!!  Jayne was a "go to" model for ads of all types in the late 70s and early 80s.

But we can't leave out those groovy Big Book catalogs......
Jayne looking good in Spiegel.

Jayne with Micaela from the 1982 Aldens summer catalog.

A classic Jayne pic from JCP!

Again from JCP.

More catalog pics, this time from Montgomery Wards. (1)

Again from MW.  Jayne had that magic smile that was perfect for the Big Books. (1)

Let's not leave out Sears!! (1)

Well, Jayne was great and a favorite of many.  But this is still the Kathy Loghry blogsot.  So, we have to include some pics of Kathy!
There's way, way too much cuteness here.  It almost makes me want Winter to get here early, well almost.

Brrrr, I feel the chill of Winter coming on now!!  But this final pic of Kathy, Jayne and Karen should warm everyone's heart!!


(1) These pics are courtesy of JJ's Playhouse. Thanks!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Print Ads Part 5 - What Sort of Man.......

Sighhhh! Yet another icon of my youth has passed.  Well sort of.  You probably heard that Playboy Magazine has decided to stop publishing nudes in their mag.  The rational is that "all sorts of porn are only a click away on the internet."

HEY!!  That's not the point!!  Playboy represented an ideal in many a young lad's mind.  It wasn't about the nude pics (well maybe a little, okay a lot.)  It was a right of passage.  Let's face it, to catch a peek of the wonders inside a Playboy was the ultimate goal of many a young adolescent male.  And the coolest kid on the block was the one that found his old man's "stash." (and invited over his friends for a look!!!!)

Naturally, Playboy caught a lot of flack for "objectifying" women or some such nonsense.  So they tried to class it up with its "What Sort of Man Reads Playboy" shtick.  Therefore, in honor of the passage of an era.......................

"What sort of man reads the 'Kathy Loghry Blogspot'?  He's a man that can perfectly blend a casual afternoon picnic with the suavest fashions of the 70s.  With nothing more than an impish, mischievous smirk, he can slay the heart of the hottest babe on the planet.  And then without breaking frame turn and ask 'What! you forgot the mustard?'  Yeah, the  term alpha is but a mere, imperfect adjective to describe his aloof, mysterious persona......."

Yeah, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.

Monday, October 12, 2015

That's So 70s: High Rise Pants - Part 4!!

They're baaack!  The high rise pants of the 70s that is.  Whether in straight leg or bell bottom, the high rise pants of the 70s always made the grooviest fashion statement!

Yeah, I almost always start off with a pic of Kathy - here she is paired with Kay.  Something off the their right seems to have their attention here.

Here are some high risers with a bit of style courtesy of Mick and Pia (I guess they decided to team up the Swedish models here!)

70s pants with that special touch of 70s grooviness!

I'll go with the new pants look anytime.  Once again we have Kathy and Kay, but this time they are gazing off to their left.  What gives?

Wide leg pants are stepping out with style! Joanne and Randi show us how!

More wide leg pants from the 70s, this time in eye-catching green!!

Nothing says "That's so 70s" more than corduroy high rise pants matched psychedelic shirts topped off with a pink hat on Kathy.

That deserves a closer look......

Very, very nice.

Now I'm sure some of you are thinking "Hey enough with the cute, good looking gals.  What about the guys?"  To you I say "You must be kidding, right?"  Nevertheless, the lads had their groovy 70s pant styles too......

"How many looks can you make from 7 separates?"  Good question.  The answer is zero.  At least it's zero looks that wouldn't cause you to get the snot beaten out of at school.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Random Goodness: Fall Fashion Fun - Part 4!!

Well, so much for Summer! It was great and all, but just because the weather is cooling, doesn't mean that those 70s fashions were any less groovy!!  Let's take a look....

The new fashion fun looks a lot like the old fashion fun of the 60s with beaded headbands, go go boots, ruffled shirts, and psychedelic patterns.  Yep, there was some carryover to the early 70s.

But the 70s headed off into its own fashion direction, starting with the "earth tone" movement.  I guess it was supposed to be some kind of reaction to the bright colors of the 60s.  Still Karen in a monk's robe?  That's still pretty far out to me!

Three models who appear to be getting punted by giant feet.  However, they don't seem to mind in their Fall Fashions from Sears.  But to whom do those feet belong I wonder?

Why it's Shelley Hack complete with the 70s style beret

More earth tones of the 70s perfect for those fun fall fashions.  And once again, we have a model whose foot gets chopped off into the next page.  This time the victim is Kay.

Autumn means back to school time.  Kathy and Jill really light up the campus scene with snazzy pieces from Spiegel.  Why are they so happy.  Well you'd be that happy too in these upscale Spiegel dresses.

More berets and earth tone colors for Fall.

Wow, who said they only had earth tones for Fall fashions in the 70s?  These gals really brighten up Autumn with their groovy threads from JCP and their dazzling smiles!

And that deserves a closeup of Kathy and, I do believe that is Pam Dawber! Nanoo nanoo.