Monday, September 28, 2015

A Farewell to Summer 1976 and 2015

I always get a bit melancholy at the end of summer.  While not an official holiday, the end of summer always seems to be a time for reflection, a time to look back at how we've grown and changed.  (1)

For me, the summer of 2015 was bittersweet.  Another child left the nest to be on her own.  While at the same time I've seen my parents' health decline rapidly.  So the summer of 2015 was a turning point in many ways for me.

And 1976 was a big summer for me also.  It was the summer where I got my first job in the oil field working at a mid-size manufacturing plant that built pumping jacks like in the picture above. (2)

And yes that is Christi Brinkley on the cover.  She had a brief catalog modeling career. (3)

Does she ever age?  Summer always has had that casual, laid back feel to it.  T-shirts and shorts are timeless!

Yes they are timeless indeed!!

A rare pic of all four of the "K Club" models on one page.  While they often appeared together, for some reason a pic of all four is unusual.  I only know of four pics like this total, and none with only the four K Clubbers. (4)

So that deserves some closeups....

I triple shot of Kathy!  Great Tops indeed!!

And some more, now there are Sun Tops!

Of course, we can't take take a look at summer without checking out the backyard scene....
Dad's getting into the bicentennial spirit here!

Nothing says backyard elegance quite like the bug zapper!!

Kathy in 1976.  I do believe that is the proper way to end this look back on summer, especially with the seagulls flying off unto the sunset! (4)


(1) A fiery West Texas not to far from where I was born.  If you're in the area, the sunsets out there are absolutely incredible.  I was born in the oilfield, and I'll guess that's where I'll always be!

(2) Yes, an actual manufacturing company, and where did all of those go?

(3) And a small, very small hint of the bicentennial in the background with the fireworks.

(4) Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Big Book Catalog Series (Part 7) - 1976a

Hey, wait a minute!  We have been progressing through the Big Book catalogs of the 70s in a very predictable manner - first 1970, then 1971, then 1972, and now?  We've jumped all the way to 1976? What gives?  Well, I decided to change it up a bit.  But don't worry, we'll get back to 73-75 in the future.

I've changed up the order, but not the pairings.  Aldens and Spiegel just seem to go together.  And with Autumn approaching, it just seemed right to take a look back at these Fall / Winter Big Books!

And yes, that is my favorite Mystery Model on the cover of Aldens and here.  One of the great things about this blog is that it has allowed many readers (and myself) to put names to the faces of many of these models.  However, this one still is an enigma.

Of course we can't leave out Kathy.  Here she is with Karen.

A close up of one of the inset pics!!  Is Karen checking to see what time it is?

And we can't leave out the guys!!
Leisure suits! Nooooooooooooo!! And now in denim!!  The nightmare fashions of the 70s for many a young lad.

Why just have one when you can have an entire 4-piece reversible leisure wardrobe?  Shiver!! Brings back a ton of bad memories!!

The Big Book catalogs had everything one needed to live the good life of the 70s.  Your house didn't come with a fireplace?  No problemo man.  Just order yourself up a fireplace kit from Aldens and have delivered right to your door.  You'll be "The Man" to your lovely wife and children as they repose by its warming glow.

And now on to Spiegel.......
Kathy and Barbara Elliot with some typical Spiegel's fashions.  I tried to read what is on Barbara's shirt in the lower right.  I think it reads "Every body has a mood."  It's hard to tell however.

A closeup of Kathy.  The earth tone colors were typical of that era.  The fashions of the 70s ere a bit erratic with a mixture of 60s hippie, disco, and back-to-nature all thrown in.

Some more subdued tones from Spiegel - gotta love those hats!!

Well, that's certainly brightens up the catalog!

Nooooooooooooo!!  Not the leisure suits again.  They even invaded the pages of Spiegel!  And no, I most certainly did not love them. (1)

I've always started ut these Big Book posts with a pic of the covers.  So I thought I'd try something new and end with a shot of the back covers......

"Breaker, breaker, what's your 20?"  It's hard to explain to young people today how big a craze the CB's were for a short time back then.  Everyone had one in their vehicle.   And now, everyone texts on their cell phones when they are driving instead!

And for the low, low price of $198, you can have a 10" color TV from Spiegel complete with antenna in order to pic up those three channels.


(1) I've commented on this before, but it simply amazing that during 1976, which was the Bicentennial of the US, there was hardly any raw, raw, "USA, USA" stuff in these catalogs. Compared to today, it's quite a change.

Monday, September 14, 2015

K Club Special Part 21, Kathy Loghry - Part 3!!

So, what, pray tell, is the "Big Surprise" that I promised everyone last week?


Mamma mia!!  Kathy in Italy!!  Yep, I knew that she had modeled in Italy during part of her career. And thanks to my Italian friend "Al", we have these most awesomeness pics of that foray.  So Enjoy!!

Of course, Al was a little remiss upon finding my blog.  When he was young, he thought Kathy WAS Italian.  So I had to inform him "Sorry dude, She's not Italian, She's Oregonian."

Even in Italy, they had the 70s style pointy collars!!  Groovy Baby!!  (Please don't ask me to translate the descriptions.  Although Italian is a lot like Spanish, I can't say that I can understand much here. Dang it! I should have paid more attention during those High School Spanish classes!)

On the other hand Al was extremely pleased at finding a whole new source of Kathy pics.  You're Welcome.......

Muy Elegante!! Okay, that's el espanol, not italian, once again.  Still Kathy classes up he pic!!

Most of the pics I got from "Al" are from a catalog called Vestro. Here they stole the Montgomery Ward expression with "Vestro guarantees you satisfaction or reimbursement." Yeah, three years of studying High School Spanish didn't go completely to waste!  By the way, isn't Kathy absolutely killing it here?

Naturally, this opened up a whole new avenue of exploration opportunities for me to pursue. However, after extensive internet searches, this is the only pic of Kathy from Italy that I could find that didn't come form Al (Well, at least the only PG rated one.)  Still, it's dang good!

Do I have other pics of Kathy's Italian career?  Of course!! They'll be popping up in future posts!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Year in Review - Part 3!!

Wow!! What a year we've had here at the Kathy Loghry Blogspot!  Another year of fantastic posts, record growth, and of course the bestest in 70s catalog pics of your favorite models!!

And as is our tradition, at the end of every year, we take a look back at a select few of the best of best from the previous year....

And, oh boy!  Did year 3 ever start off with bang with some groovy pics of Kathy and friends heading back to college!

 Oh my, the bodysuits are ALWAYS a hit!

Three of the four K Club members: Kay, Karen, and Kathy - all in blue coordinates.

Ah hem, isn't it a little early in the post for a swimsuit pic?  Nah.

 Sleepwear fun!!

Ahhh yes, the groovy His n' Her matching 70s couples fashions are always a hoot!

Another shot featuring three of our K Clubbers; Kathy, Karen, and Colleen.

I'm afraid that we may have seen the last of our Vicky Vaughn sorority sisters.  I've simply run of these pics with Kathy in them!!

All my loyal readers know that I miss the miniskirts (terribly).  But Kathy and friend look pretty darn good in these maxis from Spiegel!

The classic formal gowns from Sears - perfect for an antebellum ball.

More bodysuits.

And more bodysuits.  I had to include both pics.  How could I choose just one??

Yikes, more hot pants madness!

 Double yikes! more swimsuit hotness!!

 Kay as a Jantzen "Smile Girl" in London.....
....and Kathy in a hooded cape with a dog.  You just never know what you're going to see next in this blog!!

Except that you can always count on classic, quality catalog pics from the Big Books of the 70s, like here.  Karen and Kathy, oh my!!

This just might be the pic of the year.

However, this pic was a personal favorite of mine back in the 70s.

Kathy, Karen, and Kay could even make the Maternity Wear section of the Big Books look great.

A more reflective shot of Kathy....

The infamous Bride's magazine that I sought for so long - only to realize that this wasn't the magazine cover of Kathy that I remember from so long ago!!  The quest continues!!

Karen and Kathy modeling "peasant" dresses.  These are the best looking peasants I've ever seen!!

And, for the third year in a row, we end with a swimsuit pic.  Because why break such a great tradition?!?!?

It has been really fun running this blog for a third year, and I want to thank all my loyal readers for their support.  I really, truly look forward to year 4.  And as you probably already know, I always start each year with a K Club Special post featuring Kathy herself.  So all I've got to say about that is..........