Monday, February 27, 2017

The Big Book Catalog Series - Part 12, Simpson's Sears!

How long has it been since we've had a Big Book Catalog Series post?  Well parder, that's too long!

And what better way to get back into the swing of things than by taking a look at Simpson's Sears! "What was Simpson's Sears?" you ask.  Well it was the Canadian version of Sears.  But, not to worry.  No, no, no!  They still had all the 70s grooviness that the American version was famous for!

His 'n Her coordinated couples fashions?  Check!  Outrageous use of plaid?  Check!  White platform shoes?  Check!  Well, this Simpson's Sears thing is looking very promising!

 And all of our favorite 70s catalog models?  Check! and Double Check!
Hmmm, there are those withe platform shes again.  Were those a thing in Canada back then or maybe they only had one pair of shoes that all the models had to share!

 They even had those 70s pointy collars in Canada too!!

Big pointy collars again!

Kathy back with some groovy 70s styles!  Yep the 70s were mod all over North America.

One thing about the Simpson's version of Sears is that while they usually had the many of the same models as the American version, they also had their own, Like here.  I don't know who these gals are, but they are lovely!

Yep, more groovy 70s fashions!

 Great action poses!

Yep, just like in America, the Big Book catalogs had everything that a Middle American, er, Middle Canadian family ended for the good like.

I guess instead of the catch phrase "America shops at Sears" they said up in the Great White North "Canada Shops at Simpson's Sears, eh"

Monday, February 20, 2017

K Club Special, Part 32 - Jill Twiddy!

Gentle readers, if you are somehow allergic to cuteness, I suggest that you avert your eyes from the contents of this blog post.  The reason?  Well, this week's K Club featured model is Jill Twiddy.  And the Cute-O-Meter is about ready to explore!!

Please do not say that I didn't give you fair warning......
Does anyone doubt that she's very, VERY happy to be there!

There's only one thing better than one cute brunette.  That would be two cute brunettes like Jill here with Barbara Elliot.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous!  Now Jill is with Susan Dey and Cay Sanderson (why the apple?!?) (1)

Like I said, I warned you!!

Even when she wasn't smiling, Jill simply couldn't turn down the cute factor!

A couple of pics with Shelley Hack from Simplicity courtesy of Gold Country Girls!

Calling all ya'll country fans out there.  Git yer boots on and hang onto your hats pardners, the next set of pics is from a Spiegel spread that obviously was taken at a farm - enjoy!!

Farm equipment never looked so cute!

Mooooooo! Somehow, these models seem very out of place with the cows in the background (better watch where you step out there.).

Nobody can be this happy!  What were they growing at that farm!!

"A horse is a horse is a horse of course, unless it's a horse with three cute models of course!"

Hey, there's our Kathy!  Jill is cute, but of course Kathy can hold her own in that department anytime! Somehow, in all my days living in a rural area, I never, EVER saw three gals like that standing by a farm pond (and no, I have no idea why Jill is so happy to see that tree!)

Whew!!  I think that's enough of our tour of farm land USA.  Let's change gears.

Somehow this conversation is strangely suggestive in an inappropriate, creepy way (or am I reading too much into this.)

Spiegel wasn't the only catalog that Jill appeared in! (2)

Jill is her typical bubbly self.  Meanwhile, over on the right, who is that mysterious man with Kathy?
I can't, quite make him out.................Wait! Oh NO!  It can't be, It mustn't be!!  But it is!!!

He's baaaaaaaaack....
The Spiegel Magic Man!!  For those of you that missed the first post on the Special Magic Man, you can check it out Here.....

And what a way to end this post!  I think I've exceeded my cuteness quotient for the next month!


(1) This pic is courtesy of ColleeenCorby.Net.  Thanks!

(2) These pics are courtesy of JJ's Playhouse.  Thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2017

What Sort of Man Reads the Kathy Loghry Blogspot? (Part 3)

What sort of man reads the Kathy Loghry Blogspot?

Whether chasing high adventure or in causal repose by a (fake) lake, he's ready to face any challenge in his Duckbill Shirt from Sears.  Always stylish and always in style, he seems almost slightly annoyed by the hottest model on the planet invading his space.  "Yeah, you can hang here I suppose, that'd be cool."  And there's nothing lucky, or ducky, about that!!

Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Random Weirdness: Greenland Style!

I've had a number of readers over the years ask me "How do you find such obscure catalogs?"  Well, at the risk of bragging a little bit, I enjoy the challenge!  I get a hint which leads to a clue which leads to a focused search, which leads to, well, more groovy pics for the blog!  So I thought that it's be fun to go through how this played out recently.

As with many of these searches, it started with a reader.(1) I exchanged several emails with him, and he offered to send me a head sheet of Kathy (sorry, saving that for another post!)  Well that head sheet had some info about Kathy's then recent modeling appearances.  So I tracked down several of these until one magazine produced.....

Bingo!  A completely new pic of Kathy that I had never seen before!

But that's not all!
Nothing says 70s grooviness like Acetate Seersucker!

But that raises the question "What the heck is this Greenland Studios thing and are there any more of them out there?"  The answer to that is "You Betcha!"

Hold onto your retro hats dear readers!  Apparently Greenland Studios was one of those outfits that pushed all kinds of kitschy, fun crap like here. The mind reels at the shear 70s overload present in one page!

From ship decanters to wooden utensil sets to tiny bonsai trees to dried flowers in a lucite egg, Greenland Studios had everything a modern American family in the 70s needed!   And I just know that if I had seen the "20 prehistoric cavemen and monsters" set, I would've bugged my mom until she bought it!

You ain't livin' until you have the compete collection shown here!

I'm about to have a 70s heart attack here: a gondola lamplight, snow tomatoes, your own cheese making kit, slippers for "milady", and hand blown glass swan vases, just to name a few.  However, the standout here is the "ancient Chinese fortune telling painting on an ashtray."  Huh???

Okay, okay, we better same some of this nonsense for the future.  What about fashions??
Greenland had those too and for the cost conscious buyers!

For that At Home Glamour, every women in the 70s needed a Paisley Torso Wrap from Greenland!

 And we'll end this wild ride though the Greenland Studios insanity where we began - with some pics of Kathy. Lovely!!

So the girl is free?!?  Wow, what a catalog,!!  That certainly beats the prehistoric cavemen and monsters set!  


(1)  I get a lot of my leads from my readers.  I's like to thank all of you for these contacts and info!