Monday, November 27, 2017

Random Goodness: Rare Find!

One of the more interesting things about running this blog is the hit or miss nature of collecting material.  And believe me, I've been burned a number of times.  The reason?  Well, although Kathy was a very popular model during her day, her appearances were spotty at times.  She was a mainstay in Sears and Penneys, but others, well, eh, not so much.  In one Speigel she would would have a ton of pics, and the next one nada.

So when two 1971 Eatons catalogs came on the market, I was on the fence. (1) But the price was right so I rolled the dice and took a chance.  And the result  Not even pics of Karen, Colleen, or Kay.  "Rats" I said to myself and put those in a stack to be scanned later. (2)

Well, not so fast my friends!!  When I went back to scan them, I found to my astonishment, pics of Kathy and Karen in, of all places, the young teen section!!  (3)  What a pleasant surprise!!

The early 70s were The Age of Ruffles! Yeah, even in 1971 Kathy could pull off the "Young Teen" look (4) 

Bonded Acrylics!  All I can say is "That's Sooo 70s!"

More young teen fashions but this time without Kathy.

Did I mention that Karen made this layout as well?  And what an entrance in red gauchos with matching red boots.  Whoever said that the early 70s were all drab earth ones?!?

And a closeup of Kathy

A final pic.  There's more, but I' saving those for other posts!!


(1)  I was really on the fence about this one.  There were some appearances by Kathy in a few, but not in most.  However, the date was good and the price was right.

(2) When I get a new catalog, I do a quick scan.  If there are a lot of good pics, I scan it right away.  If not, then I wait until later.  However, once a scan it, I take more time and am more thorough. That's when I found these!

(3) The Young Teen section is not something that I normally pay much attention to.  That's how I missed these pics the first time.

(4)  Kathy mentioned in an article for a local Oregon newspaper in 1969 that she wan't sure how long she could do the "young thing" as a model.  Well, apparently it was quite a long time!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

David Cassidy, RIP

Yeah, he was an icon of the era....

With Susan Dey as bonus...Nice.........



And my favorite...

Monday, November 20, 2017

When Life Was Groovy, Part 7 - The Midis!!

And thank goodness for the midis!!  I mean after all, who in their right mind would want to see attractive women in mini skirts?!?!?  Okay, okay, don't answer that.

And it was in the late 70s when the midis came into fashion style.  What can I say, but why, why, why??
To be classified as a midi, the skirt must be long enough to cover the knees but not much more.  So basically it's just a blah length.  Still there's nothing blah about these gals!  Barbara, Kathy, and Pam can make any length dress look great!

 Some may say that the midi is just a regular dress.  Well.......

 those people would be right....

 Yeah, basically the midi is just a regular dress.

So this post is basically going to be a bunch of pics of nice looking 70s models in dresses like here with Peggy.

 Hey, I see knee, so these aren't midis!! Oh well, close enough.

Okay here we have some midi skirts with some 70s flair thanks to Karen and Kay!!

Sorry, with models like Pam and Kathy, it's a waste to but them in plain Jane dresses like these.  Still it was part of the scene of the late 70s, so I, your humble historical blogger, must cover this phenomena (there'll be plenty of other posts for the minis!)

 Laura looking fine in a very stylish outfit!!

 Hey, how'd a pantsuit sneak into this post about midi skirts??

 And another!!

The beret style hat was also a thing in the late 70s - pretty cool if yo ask me!

Even in Italy they had the midis!! (Pic is courtesy of "Al")

And, of course, we have to check out the inset pic....
Wow!! With smiles like that, I almost don't miss the minis!! (almost that is...)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

K Club Special 40, Jayne Modean, Part 3~~

Certainly one of the most popular models that was featured in the Big Book catalogs of the 70s and 80s was Jayne Modean. I know that because with Blogger one can see what searches led to your site and people looking for Jayne is one the most popular.  So why not feature her again!!

A modeling comp card of Jayne!!  I've never seen anyone before or since that could actually make a snorkel look sexy!! (1)

Jayne was also on a number of teen magazine covers in the mid 70s.


This is from a site called "Teen Sleuth."  What is cool is that in the description her name has a hyperlink attached to it that takes one to my first special on her!!  I'm so flattered!!

Jayne even made uniforms look sexy (especially in front of the oh-so-realistic background.)

This was probably accidental, but is Jayne looking up at that model who is looking down on her?!?

"Folkloric??"  Apparently that is a real word!!


Jayne from a very well known Inside Sports swimsuit issue (their first!) (1)

 More unis!!

All I can say here is "That's sooooo 80s!"


Jayne did some acting in the 80s. This is a still from a TV show called "Street Hawk"  Yeah, I don't remember it either.

She is perhaps best known for the movie "Spring Break."

And finally a special treat for all you Jayne Modean fans....

You're welcome!!


(1) These pics are courtesy of JJs Playhouse.  Thanks!

Monday, November 6, 2017

A Brief History of this Blog, Part 2 - The Comments

First off I'd like to thank each and every one of you out there in the Internet world who have left comments on my blog.  I try to respond to each one as time permits.  The vast overwhelming number of comments have been positive and helpful.  However.......

A few have been weird, funny, or just plain creepy.  I suppose that is to be expected.  I've only had to delete a few comments and only had to permanently ban one commentator (I think he was confused about what kind of site this was!)

So I'd like to share a few of the unintentionally funny ones.  Please note that I'm not making fun of anyone, still.......

"How can we place an order for delivery of your products.  I run a chain of stores in XXXX and we would like to start with 5000 units of your jumpsuits for women.  Also could you please send a catalog of all your offerings.  We normally deal in dollars but we can use Euros if preferred....."

You know, if I had 5000 jumpsuits laying around, I would have made that deal!!  Hmm, maybe I'm missing out on a big business opportunity here!!

On a post where I mentioned how girls in mini skirts distracted me in college.
"Wow, you went to school with these girls!  No wonder you got distracted.  How many classes did you have with Kathy."

Uh, none.  You see I was speaking in general about girls back in the 70s, NOT that I knew or went to school with any of the specific models in the post (god forbid, I would have NEVER graduated.)

"I have a request.  Could you please have Kathy pose in a blue mini skirt with her walking sideways and looking back.  Thanks!"

Sure, no problem.  I'll just build a time machine.  And, after collecting my Nobel Prize in physics, go back to 1973, walk onto a set, and explain your request to the photographer.  I'm sure he'll understand that I need that pic for my "blog" on the "internet" that will exist in the future.  No problem man!

And my favorite from a post on Fashion as Couples Therapy..................................................

"Your use of fashion in couples therapy is a very fascinating and innovative approach.  I have talked to the staff here at  the XXXXXX couples retreat center located in YYYYYY Germany and we plan on using this same technique.  Thanks for the helpful insights and best of luck!"

Wow, to think that somewhere deep in the Black Forest of Germany at a center for couples, they are running around in His 'N Her fashions from the 70s AND that it is all due to my blog, is, well, strangely satisfying.  People helping people - that's what we do here at the Kathy Loghry Blogspot!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Back to the 60s....

Last week's Youtube special was a one hit wonder form the 80s and I wanted to continue that trend, but when I heard this, it brought so many memories...