Monday, July 25, 2016

When Life Was Groovy: Part 2 - Lana Lobbel

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.  You see, one of the challenges facing your humble Historical Blogger is the acquisition of more material.  While the Sears and JCPennys catalogs are fairly predictable in their production of good Kathy pics, other sources are more of a hit or miss.

And I've been burned a few times in my attempts to acquire more Kathy pics. So when a catalog called Lana Lobbel popped up on Ebay, I almost didn't buy it.  I had never heard of that catalog so I had no idea if it was a roll of the dice or not.  However, the year (1972) was right and the price wasn't too bad.

So how did this gamble pay off??

The cover looks promising.  I'm thinking "Well, even there are no Kathy pics, there's bound to be dome 70s groovy styles I can use."

This is not encouraging at all.  This page was one if the pics in Ebay.  The pic was out of focus so I thought that maybe the gal in the upper left was Kathy, but its not.  Oh well.

At this point it looked like I'd have to be content with some groovy examples of early 70s styles like here.

Or here.  We even have a dog!!  However, I'm definitely not impressed by Lana Lobbel here.  The mutt doesn't look too impressed either.

So at this point I was pretty much resigned to the fact that this purchase was a bust.  Then.......
Bang, a Kathy pic!! And a good one.  Well now, all of a sudden my gamble didn't seem like a bad idea after all!!

Very, very nice!! And the flowers are a nice touch also!

Very classic early 70s fashions

You just gotta love those styles!

Another Kathy pic!! That makes two!  And not only that, we have another dog (or is it the same one as before).  Either way this Lana Lobbel catalog is producing big time!

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm not a big fan of Kathy in wigs.  After all, you're not going to improve on the original!

"Everyone Has the Figure for These"  Yes but that was in 1972 - before high fructose corn syrup was introduced.

 "Move to Jersey"? No thanks.  'll stay in Texas.

Yes, this Lana Lobbel catalog was worth the price and I'll be looking for more. (1)

Oh wait, one more thing.....
A third Kathy pic!!  And with Karen

A very nice way to end my first post on Lana Lobbel!!


(1) Does anyone know the name of the model on the lower right? She was a regular catalog model of that era.

Monday, July 18, 2016

What Sort of Man Reads the Kathy Loghry Blogspot? (Part 2)

What sort of man reads the Kathy Loghry Blogspot?

While ordinary men seek adventure and women, adventure and women seek him.  Whether he Hangs 10 on the slopes or hangs with a 10, he keeps his cool with this stylishly attired Hardwick three piece ensemble.  Casually staring ahead towards future adventures, he barely notices the hottest "Trailmate" on the planet hanging on his every move.  And with the right (strategically placed) tool, er, hatchet within handy reach, he's always ready to chop wood.  No wonder women want to hang with him!! (1)


(1) Pic is re-posted from Flasbak which was previously Retropsace which is now back to being Retrospace.  Confused?

(2) I'm very tempted to mail in that coupon thing in the lower right so that I can get that "revealing" color autographed picture of the lovely Hardwick Trailmate!!  Actually, in the days before the internet, gimmicks like this were a way for companies to get info on potential customers for future mailers. Still I may just do it!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

When Life Was Groovy: Part 1 - Summer Dresses 1970

When I first kicked around the idea of a blog about the 70s, one of my first ideas was a general retro type blog. And one of the blog names I considered was "When Life Was Groovy."

Well, as I explained in an earlier post, somehow that idea morphed into "The Kathy Loghry Blogspot" and the rest is history.  So, I decided to revive that original name into a category.  And what better way to kick off a new category is with a look back at the groovy dresses of 1970!

And when you're taking about dresses from 1970 you're talking short (not that I hear anyone complaining).  Of course the dresses may have been short, but the collars and whatnot were bog as we see here with Colleen and Kathy!

Did I mention that the collars were big??  (1)

 The point of this photo is, well, I'm not sure.  There's a lot going on here, all of it pretty random in a 70s campy sort of way.

Ahh, this is more like it.  Just some nice 70s summertime dresses from Penneys.  

And Kathy was the perfect uber-cutie to model these dresses.

 Kay, Wendy and friend certainly didn't lack on the cuteness scale either as seen here!

Lots of early 70s dress goodness going on here.

Everyone step to the right in unison!! (2)

More cuteness, more collars, and more groovy 1970 summer dresses! (2)

Not only were the dresses groovy, check out the "mad, mod, marble-look whimsies" in the lower left. Yes, that is what everyone girl dreams of getting - a ring of fake marble in a geometric shape.

Colleen showing us some summer dresses from Sears.  This pic has that 60s feel, but of course it was 1970 so there must have been some carryover.

Kathy certainly seems happy here!  I'm not sure about that silver ballthing behind in teh pic.  What is that supposed to be?  

A close up of the inset pic.

And a final pic of Kathy in a wig.  Still she looks great! (2)


(1) Bellas Hess had some great styles and fantastic pics, but so far I haven't found Kathy in any of them!

(2) These pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Bicentennial Time is Couples Time - Part 11!!

What a perfect alignment!  Monday just happens to be the day that I post each week AND it it just happens to be July 4th AND it just happens to be the 40th anniversary of the great Bicentennial of 1976 AND we're due for another look back at the crazy couples coordinates of the 70s!  Talk about perfect timing!! (1)

"What's 'Bicentennial'?" our younger readers may inquire.  Well if you have to ask, then you weren't around in 1976!!  Let's examine some groovy pics of our favorite fashion couples to explain!!

See what I mean!!  In 1976 the "new national pastime" was celebrated,uhhhhh, well it was celebrated with well, uhhh, with lion knit shirts?!?!?  Hmmm not too patriotic.  At least the couple in the upper right is in red, white, and blue.  Perhaps a closeup will illuminate us......

Uhhh, perhaps it won't.  Kathy looks a little bored on the left.  Perhaps that is why she is with a different guy on the right??? Sorry dude, that's life, get some Game next time.......

Maybe, some of our other favorite models showed some more "Spirit of '76"
Well, Colleen and partner are in a Western theme.  Still everyone is a bit mellow about this whole "Bicentennial" thing.

"Big Top and Jeans" but no July 4th feel here.  Why are both Kathy and Barbara turned away?

Yeah the original concept of this post is falling apart fast....

 So much for the 4th of July theme, and my clever idea of honoring the Bicentennial  Instead we these two "naturally" gazing into each others eyes.

 Lots 70s laid back style here but no hint of anything to do with the 4th. ..

 Note how both Kathy and friend averted their faces from this denim leisure suit disaster of the 70s!  I can't say that I blame them!!

Still looking for that patriotic spirit, still seeing denim couples everywhere.  The concept for this post has completely collapsed!!

 Flannels!?!?!??!  Are you freaking kidding me, what, pray tell, does that have anything to do with the 4th of July?????

This takes the cake!! His 'n Her sleepwear with pictures of magazines.  Oh HOW romantic.  I guess if he gets bored he can find inspiration by looking at the MS magazine cover.  On second thought, that'd definitely kill the "spirit" for the evening......

Can anyone save this post trying, desperately TRYING to find that elusive Bicentennial spirit?????

There's the spirit.  Finally, FINALLY!! (2)

Yeah, I'm feeling the "Spirit" now.  Time to catch some fireworks!!  Have a great 4th of July everyone!!


(1) Thanks to Pam at Go-Retro for giving me the idea of a couples theme for 4th of July.  The idea was "Awesome".

(2) Yeah I know this is a re-post (which I try to avoid), but it just fit teh theme so well!