Sunday, December 29, 2013

Body Suits / Body Shirts / Whatever - Part 4

Well, this post was advertized in advance by a request from one of our readers.  So here it is.....

Yeah, it is in black and white.  I know, I know.  Still Kathy and Mick Lindberg look pretty awesome!   Does anyone out there have the color version, perchance?  Blue Senshi educated us all that Sears put out TWO versions of their big book catalogs up to the early 70s  - one had lots of black and white photos (like here) while the other version was bigger and in all color.  Looking back at my collection, I have a mix of the two - which explains a lot.

Well, just like the old 45 rpm records, there is always the "flip side" which often times was just as good - or better.  And here that is the case (back page to the black and white pic).  Here Kathy models how to wear the body suit, er body shirt, er, whatever, and looks absolutely fabulous doing so (is that the most perfect smile you're ever seen or what???).

Oh no, now to add to the confusion, they were also called "Body Blouses"!  Great, now I'll have to make the title of these posts even longer!  Of course the term "body blouses" is perhaps more accurate, since women wear blouses instead of shirts anyway (but what about suits, both sexes wear suits, right?!?!?)

Whatever they're called, Kay and Karen rock them here!  WOW, words can't begin to describe this 70s awesomeness!  Question to my loyal readers - why can't models today pull off this incredibly soft, sexy look????  This pic is absolutely pure art!  WOW!!!!!

Sears seemed to be the place to go for the body suit (or are they shirts, or are they blouses, HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!  I'm dying here!!!) 

Yeah baby, Sears even had the "Body Suit Shop" (or is it "Shoppe", Old World style).  Colleen, Joanne, and Pat rocked the look!  

Note: I posted REAL early this week because I'm on the road.  Please send your comments, etc. but I may not respond for a few days as I will be out of touch....

Happy New Year!!!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's a Plaid, Plaid World - Part 2

Oh no, not again.  Just when you thought that our universe was safe from the plaid-madness implosion of space-time, the plaids come back with a vengeance - and at Christmas time no less.  Do these plaids have no shame????

For those of you that missed the first post on A Plaid, Plaid World, check it out here or this won't make much sense (not that it will make much sense anyway).

Now, I must warn you to scroll SLOWLY down.  And I do mean SLOOOOOOOWLY.  Otherwise, the plaid shock will simply be too much for your nervous system to handle.....


Okay, almost there.........

Prepare for a plaid blast from the catalog ghosts of Christmas past.......


Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a plaid (or is it tartan) night!


(1)  It looks like the youngest lass of "The Penny Clan" is none too happy about this.  She's probably thinking "Why couldn't I have gotten a picture with Santa like all my friends?"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

70s Catalogs of Christmas Past

One of the truly sad aspects of modernity is the loss of one of my favorite Christmas tradition:  The Christmas catalog.  Long before the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and 10,000 TV stations, children all over the US would wait impatiently for the Christmas catalogs from the major retailers.  It really marked the beginning of the Christams season for many.

So let's check out some of those memories here...

Wow, are these gals waiting under the mistletoe?  Why couldn't something like that have happened to me when I was young?!?!

Classic Sears Wishbook fashions!  Why is Karen looking up at the sky?  I guess that is also a classic catalog pose!

Am I seeing double?  We have two sets of lovely ladies decorating what appears to be the same tree and, wait, it's the same girls, but in different clothes!  What's going on?  Perhaps there is something in the eggnog I've been drinking.

Long and elegant for that special Christmas party!  Kathy, Kay and Karen are all fantastic!

Nothing says Christmas gift from Mom quite like sweaters!  The kids wanted toys, but often got clothes, bleah!!

"Knit tunics for today, tonight, and tomorrow" hmmm.  This kind of makes you wonder what kind of Christmas party these are designed for?  Well after all this was the 70s...  That is Pia Buggert on the left and, of course, Kay on the right. I still haven't been able to identify the model in the middle.  Help!

Hats in real or fake fur - perfect for that chilly winter night out going to all the Christmas parties and events! Wait !  The top hat is gasp RABBIT!  Oh no, not Fluffy!!

And speaking of fun in the winter cold...

Why stop at couples dressing together when you can get the whole darn tooin' clan dressed up for that apres Christmas ski trip in matching cold weather apparel!

So the Christmas catalogs seemed to have something for everyone, what about mom?

Kitchen appliances!  Well at least its not a vacuum cleaner.  Still, dad may want to stay bundled up in that ski outfit - it may be a frosty winter ahead!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

K Club Special Part 6 - Pam Erickson

So let's take a look back at the career of another popular catalog model from the 70s: Pam Erickson.  She was crazy big in the mid to late 70s in catalogs, teen mags, and adverts (sound familiar).  That was the popular career path back in the day.

Pam was more oriented in the mid to later 70s versus some of our other models.

Yep, she had that quintessential girl next door look.  Kind of like the kid sister of your best friend who always bugged you when you were a kid, then one day POW, she's all grown up.  Then your friend tells you "Too late dude, she's dating some older guy."

Another Seventeen cover. Fantastic!!

Oh yeah, she was in print ads also.   Yep, "everywhere a glow glow" definitely describes her big smile!.  Yep she had that radiant look that just seemed to glow,  That is what was so great about those models in 70s, they just seemed so fresh and full of life!

And like the other models we've focused on, she was in all our favorite 70s catalogs...

See, natural catalog model.  So sweet and innocent!   With the wind (or fan) in her hair, she's a natural!

So gorgeous! Dang!!

What a great look!

Another great pic, I could do this all day!!  Like I said, when you think of the classic catalog model of the mid to late 70s, you think of someone like Pam.  So easy, so effortless.  

Pam's carer was offset a bit from our other K Clubbers.  She was more from the early 70s to late 70s as opposed from the late 60s to mid 70s.

I know I kind of trashed Aldens in a recent post with that "parking lot" comment.  I hope nobody took offense to that.  In hindsight it was a little harsh.  I'll try to make up for that with some great pics from their catalogs - including this one of Pam with a mushroom tee-shirt.  Of course, now that I think about it "mushrooms?", "70s?"....... hmm, wonder what KIND of mushrooms those were?

Programming note to my loyal readers: For the next couple of weeks, my posts will probably be a little erratic as far as the day of the week goes (Christmas travel and all that).  I will post each week, just not sure which day of the week.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Random Goodness: 70s Fall Fashion Fun - Part 2

Okay, okay, things last week got just a little out of control.  But that's what tends to happen when men behave badly - sooner or later stuff gets blown up!  This week we're going to reel it back and focus more on our bread and butter subjects: Kathy and the gang showing us some fabulous fall fashions from the 70s!

This is a good way to start us off.  Kathy, Kay, and Colleen in fabulous Fall pinwale corduroy - whatever that is.  No gophers, no leering guys, nothing exploding, just a nice sedate pic.

Nobody is Perfect?  Well you wouldn't wear that unless you already thought that you were darn near!  And, who can argue with these lovely gals on that point?

Yeah I know I've been a little light on the Kathy pics last week.  So this week we'll correct that oversight, and how else to that with suede, no check that, with SuperSuede!  Suede was one of those things that was popular back in the 70s.  Nobody really knew what it actually was, but hey.

Yeah, Jeans 'n Things with Lattice-Look Trim!  One thing that is great about Fall fashions is the variety of things you can wear.  Jeans are just a natural All-American Fall outfit!

Fall is just the time for a new coat to beat those winter chills!  You have to love Kay's hat.  If you're the PETA type, you may not want to read the fine print on these items.

One of the great things about Fall is that the dresses can come in all different lengths!  In any length dress, Kathy looks smashing!

I told you that I'd go heavy on the Kathy pics this week!  Once again, in long or short dress, Kathy looks absolutely fabulous in 70s Fall fashions!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Models Behaving Badly - Part 1: The Men

Gentle readers.  It is was great trepidation that I ask you to view the following photos.  Please understand that I do not post these for mere salaciousness nor for cheap puerile titillation.  No, never!  Indeed it pains me greatly to even broach this most disturbing aspect of human behavior - men behaving badly.  Oh the horror, THE HORROR!

I don't know what is more disturbing - the guy totally scamming these sweet, unsuspecting ladies or the fact that Larry the Lobster WASN'T some innocent victim of hunger-crazed models (see header pic and last year's post).  No, no, no. After I acquired the rest of this series on "Great Moments in Sportswear", I realized Larry was the perpetrator and that our models were simply recoiling from his lecherous advances!

For example.....

Dear me.  Here we have some totally creepy douchebagy guy using binoculars from, oh let's say all of 5 feet, to check out Colleen, Karen, and Kathy.  You can almost sense the uncomfortableness in their body language.  It's like they are thinking "Okay, geez, can we just get this shot over with already!" or "My agent is going to hear about this!" or "I hope they don't put some lame sub-header on this like us being a 'ship shape crew' or anything".  

Surely, dear readers, it simply can't get any worse......

It can and it does!  Can these guys be any more obvious?  Come on man, you have to be a little bit cool when checking things out!  And the sub-header "...and learning that a great backhand isn't the only way to impress someone on the court."  Everyone all together now "GROAN!!"  I mean it is like they went out of their way to be crude.

So these are all human males behaving badly.  Did Larry the Lobster have any other animal friends behaving lecherously towards our dear sweet models??

Yep.  He wasn't alone.  Looks like this guy is trying the "cute and furry" approach to check out these gals. However, based on how he is leaning forward, it looks like he is trying to get a better angle (so to speak). He ought better be careful or he might get clubbed with one of those putters!

As we all know, gophers - while seemingly innocent members of the family rodentia - are traditionally ill-behaved denizens of our nation's golf courses. For example...

Ahh, how cute!  NOT!!!!  Behold the destroyer of all that is good and decent, the corrupter of womanhood, the abomination that causes desolation (at least to golf courses)!  And to combat him, extreme measures must be taken!

Gopher Cong!

Huh?? Why include a pic of Lacey Underall (Cindy Morgan)?  Uhhh, well I can think of a couple of good reasons.  Wait a minute.  Now, your own Blogger Historian has fallen under the spell of men behaving badly. For shame, Michael, for shame!! 

Where, or where, does all this "men behaving badly" inexorably lead??

See what the gopher hath wrought!  The destroyer, the evil one, cackles in his lair at his terrible handiwork!  Those golfer gals in pic 4 should have become "gopher gals" taken care of him when they had the chance!!

"I never slice!"  Could be a self portrait.  Ahhh heck, nothing that a few beers can't fix!  Why fight it?  I guess I'm just another regular guy behaving badly after all.

Hey everyone, Have a great and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yeah, you there gopher.  We've got our eyes on you!!  Just stay away from our woman folk and be glad you're not a turkey this week!!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scintillating Sleepwear - Part 3: Let's Get Winter Ready!

Now that the chill of winter is descending upon us, it may be a good time and check out how the big book catalogs kept everyone all cozy warm in 70s sleepwear!

And what can chase those winter chills away better than thermals?  Here we have Kay, Karen, and friends looking great and snugly warm!  Let's face it, thermals are timeless winter sleepwear!

I don't know about keeping the winter chill away, but these ladies are certainly heating things up with the long and lean look!  And when anyone mentions Nylon Tricot, the first thing that comes to mind is naturally "fashionably feminine".

Colleen and friends are definitely ready for Old Man Winter in these "winterskin" thermals. "Think Snow" indeed!  They are smoking hot enough to melt any icy blast! 

Looks like these gals are certainly happy to have the warm sleepers!   Yes, of course having beautiful models in sleepwear posed around bar stools in an otherwise completely blank set is so common.  I see it all the time!

"Skirting the Issue"?  I think not!  What I just noticed about catalog sleepwear pics is how similar they tend to be.  You get a quintet or so of smashingly attractive models, set them in various states of repose, have them all face the camera (which is unusual for catalog shots itself) and  presto!, catalog sleepwear pic!

I had to include this pic for one reason and let me state it "I hate it when they had a great shot of Kathy and they did it in BLACK AND WHITE!!!!"  ARRRGGGHHHH!!!  It's enough to make me see red!!

Did I mention red?

So much for the black and white stuff.  We've changed that with some eye-popping red here, and these lovely ladies look VERY ready to face a cold winter night.  But isn't the "true love" reference with the color red more appropriate for Valentine's Day?  My take is that the caption writer was smitten by ALL these gals (and who could blame him?)

"Cozy Cover-Ups" says it all for Kathy and Karen.  These things definitely look warm.  Let the cold winter weather begin!

Program note: As you have probably noticed, I have been posting on Thursdays; however, with Thanksgiving next week, I'm going to publish next week's post on Tuesday.  See you then!