Friday, June 30, 2017

I'm Not Jealous of His Hair...

Okay, maybe a little, gotta love the tie and vest.....and oh yeah, he had all the ladies.  THAT'S makes me jealous....

Monday, June 26, 2017

Random Goodness: The Tops!

Let's face it, there were a lot of goofy fashion trends in the 70s that are quite forgettable (remember gauchos?)  But there was one iconic fashion statement of the 70s that reversed that non-sexy tendency, and that was what was going on with the Tops!

Halter Tops, Tank Tops, and Tube Tops that is!

Yeah baby!  Ladies, now THAT'S more like it!!

Halters always caused a stir.  I mean, is it like just wearing a bra?  Are they that allowed in school (typically NO!)  Do they drive the guys crazy? (most definitely YES)

Like I said, where they bras or not?  the debate rages on!!

The halters were great, what about the Tube Tops, and Tank Tops???
Halter Tops, Tank Tops, Tube Tops, Oh my!  And one of THE very best things about these tops were that they were often worn with short shorts!  What a winning combination!

Wait, who's that in the inset pic on the right???
Why it's Jayne Modean sporting the Tube Top look!!

Value Halters from Aldens!!

The Tops weren't always worn with shorts - regular length pants worked just fine!  And you've gotta love the tropical shirt over the tube top worn by Karen.

We saw Kathy in a nice sexy halter, but did she ever model the Tube Top??
Oh yeah!!  And just like Karen in the previous pic, the shirt over the top provides a just oh so "peak-a-boo" sexiness!!

Kay, Karen, and Kim gives us Halters, Tanks, and Tubes!!

Colleen and Karen rock the halters!

So were there any other happenings in Tops during the 70s???
Yes,yes there were!  Something called "cape sleeve tops".  I don't remember these, too bad they didn't take off!!

Once again, they could double for a bra or been worn alone - what a great idea. Kathy and Pam show that perfectly!

Why not end on a close up of Kathy!  Oh yeah!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Let's Groove this Blog Up!!

Okay, okay, hot on the heels of last week's surprise Thursday post, I decided to make it a regular feature.... a regular Thursday feature of the mostest awesomeness groovy videos from the 60s and 70s that is!!

Yeah, yeah, no Kathy pics, but that's okay!!  Let's Groove This Baby, baby!!

Feel the grove Baby!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

K Club Special - Part 35, Karen Bruun - Part 5

Karen Bruun was certainly a fixture i teh Big Book Catalogs for a long, long time.  We've covered her career before in previous K Club Special posts.....\

So let's take a closer look at her career one more time!!

Karen was a fixture in all the Big Book Catalogs of the 70s, including Wards....

And Eaton's.  (1)

Why not another pic from that Eaton's catalog?  This time with Cay Sanderson! (1)

Naturally she was popular in the mainstream catalogs like JCP here (along with Kathy and Kay)

Whoops, another Eaton's pic, this time with Colleen! (1)

Karen was also popular in print ads of the era.  However, this product is kind of bizarre.  You could dye bedspreads and such with it.  That doesn't sound like a good idea to me. And apparently it wasn't.

A pic from late in Karen's career in 1981.  Still looking good!

 And on the cover of Simpsons Sears along with Dottie!!

Simply lovely, classic, and elegant.  Karen was the quintessential strawberry blonde!

One last pic of Kathy and Karen. What a pair!  They were the ultimate blonde tag team champions of 70s Big Book catalogs! (1)


(1) These pics courtesy of JJ's Playhouse.  Thanks!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sizzlin' Summertime Sleepwear - Part 9!!

Of course the Summer sun keep the action sizzlin' on the beach, but the Summer nighttime sizzled too with all the hot and groovy sleepwear form the 70s Big Book Catalogs!!

"Shirting the Issue?"  Certainly not!  Karen, Barbara, Kathy, Kay and friend are scorching hot in these summertime sleepwear fashions from JCP!

I'm sure most of you gravitated to the cute gals on the right thus missing the gigantic V thing on the left which probably stands for Victory.  Or maybe it's a pointer for clueless hubby?!?

There's nothing Outrageous about these gals. And let's face it, Pia, with that giraffe on her sleeper shirt and the lollipop, is looking Uber hot!!

 In addition to Dottie and Kathy we have Cay and Kay side by side. It's a veritable K Club overload!! (Pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks!)

So let's check out that inset pic of Kathy.....
 Flowers at bedtime?!?  Kathy does not seem impressed.  But we also have .......another inset!!

And inset within an inset!!  Is that like a dream within a dream??  That would describe Kathy perfectly!!

When you speak of 70s catalog sleepwear you're talking Nylon Tricot fabrics baby.  Let's check 'em out!!
 Anyone else notice how many of these pics have Mick Lindberg in them?

Kay, Karen, and Peggy, very nice!! Sweet dreams are made of these.

So, of course, the most natural prop for a sleepwear pic is a......ladder??????

Of course, we can;t leave out the classic lingerie.  One could sleep in those too.....
Or maybe not!  Let's face it, Kathy absolutely kills it here!!  So on that note, sweet summertime dreams everyone!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Let it Rain - Part 6!!

Well it's teh rainy season, and just because raindrops are dropping on your head doesn't mean that you couldn't step out in those groovy 70s style!!

Kathy starts us off with rain slickers made of something called "nylon cire."  It's basically a fancy term to describe something with a glazed look.

 All weather coats from Aldens was actually an excuse to show off your groovy go-go boots!

Not only boots, but fake leather, personalized handbags too!!

And not only boots and handbags, shower-to-shine scarves too!!

Whoops, back to Kathy and the cire!  Despite no boots, no scarves, or no handbags Kathy is all smiles (as usual.)

Is this turning into a cire post?!?  These two jetsetters certainly think so.

All I can say here is Shower Togs, YEAH!!

Back to the scarves, groovy baby!!

Back to the slickers and a perfect way to end this rainy post with Kathy and Karen!! (pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi, Thanks!)