Monday, September 14, 2015

K Club Special Part 21, Kathy Loghry - Part 3!!

So, what, pray tell, is the "Big Surprise" that I promised everyone last week?


Mamma mia!!  Kathy in Italy!!  Yep, I knew that she had modeled in Italy during part of her career. And thanks to my Italian friend "Al", we have these most awesomeness pics of that foray.  So Enjoy!!

Of course, Al was a little remiss upon finding my blog.  When he was young, he thought Kathy WAS Italian.  So I had to inform him "Sorry dude, She's not Italian, She's Oregonian."

Even in Italy, they had the 70s style pointy collars!!  Groovy Baby!!  (Please don't ask me to translate the descriptions.  Although Italian is a lot like Spanish, I can't say that I can understand much here. Dang it! I should have paid more attention during those High School Spanish classes!)

On the other hand Al was extremely pleased at finding a whole new source of Kathy pics.  You're Welcome.......

Muy Elegante!! Okay, that's el espanol, not italian, once again.  Still Kathy classes up he pic!!

Most of the pics I got from "Al" are from a catalog called Vestro. Here they stole the Montgomery Ward expression with "Vestro guarantees you satisfaction or reimbursement." Yeah, three years of studying High School Spanish didn't go completely to waste!  By the way, isn't Kathy absolutely killing it here?

Naturally, this opened up a whole new avenue of exploration opportunities for me to pursue. However, after extensive internet searches, this is the only pic of Kathy from Italy that I could find that didn't come form Al (Well, at least the only PG rated one.)  Still, it's dang good!

Do I have other pics of Kathy's Italian career?  Of course!! They'll be popping up in future posts!


  1. An interesting addition to your collection! But what is this about non-PG rated Kathy pics?!

  2. Interesting looks from the auburn-haired Italian model in pic #2 (in black on the left) and again in pic #3 (on the right). In pic #2 she looks like she's thinking, "OK, so where did the blonde come from?" Then in pic #3, it's full-on "Oh joy, HER again!" Great post!

    1. Great observation! I'm sure they all got along just fine. After all, why wouldn't hey mind a top model from the USA moving into their turf??

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    3. The "auburn-haired Italian model in pic #2 in black on the left)" is American Jan Stephens...matter of fact all the models on this fun Vestro catalogue shoot were American, except one was from Scandinavia (I don't remember her name). This was shot in the Dolomites in May 1974 and the weather was perfect for this fall collection. We did all our own hair and makeup in those days and all wardrobe changes for this whole 10 day shoot we managed to pull off in the same bus that drove us up those narrow winding roads from Milano to the lovely family hotel where we stayed. This is me in pic #5 with Kathy on the far right. A good time was had by all on this shoot...we were kind of like a little family...quaint family hotel nestled in the Dolomites, American girls working in Italy, even my two young daughters joined us...kind client, great shoot.

    4. Jan, Wow! that is fantastic info. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea that the other models were mostly American also. And I didn't know that you had to do your own hair and makeup. Hopefully I'll be able to find some more pics from Italy from this era! Thanks again!!

  3. Yay!! This is like Christmas for me. Love seeing these pics!
    Mille grazie,
    xo, Kristi