Monday, September 21, 2015

The Big Book Catalog Series (Part 7) - 1976a

Hey, wait a minute!  We have been progressing through the Big Book catalogs of the 70s in a very predictable manner - first 1970, then 1971, then 1972, and now?  We've jumped all the way to 1976? What gives?  Well, I decided to change it up a bit.  But don't worry, we'll get back to 73-75 in the future.

I've changed up the order, but not the pairings.  Aldens and Spiegel just seem to go together.  And with Autumn approaching, it just seemed right to take a look back at these Fall / Winter Big Books!

And yes, that is my favorite Mystery Model on the cover of Aldens and here.  One of the great things about this blog is that it has allowed many readers (and myself) to put names to the faces of many of these models.  However, this one still is an enigma.

Of course we can't leave out Kathy.  Here she is with Karen.

A close up of one of the inset pics!!  Is Karen checking to see what time it is?

And we can't leave out the guys!!
Leisure suits! Nooooooooooooo!! And now in denim!!  The nightmare fashions of the 70s for many a young lad.

Why just have one when you can have an entire 4-piece reversible leisure wardrobe?  Shiver!! Brings back a ton of bad memories!!

The Big Book catalogs had everything one needed to live the good life of the 70s.  Your house didn't come with a fireplace?  No problemo man.  Just order yourself up a fireplace kit from Aldens and have delivered right to your door.  You'll be "The Man" to your lovely wife and children as they repose by its warming glow.

And now on to Spiegel.......
Kathy and Barbara Elliot with some typical Spiegel's fashions.  I tried to read what is on Barbara's shirt in the lower right.  I think it reads "Every body has a mood."  It's hard to tell however.

A closeup of Kathy.  The earth tone colors were typical of that era.  The fashions of the 70s ere a bit erratic with a mixture of 60s hippie, disco, and back-to-nature all thrown in.

Some more subdued tones from Spiegel - gotta love those hats!!

Well, that's certainly brightens up the catalog!

Nooooooooooooo!!  Not the leisure suits again.  They even invaded the pages of Spiegel!  And no, I most certainly did not love them. (1)

I've always started ut these Big Book posts with a pic of the covers.  So I thought I'd try something new and end with a shot of the back covers......

"Breaker, breaker, what's your 20?"  It's hard to explain to young people today how big a craze the CB's were for a short time back then.  Everyone had one in their vehicle.   And now, everyone texts on their cell phones when they are driving instead!

And for the low, low price of $198, you can have a 10" color TV from Spiegel complete with antenna in order to pic up those three channels.


(1) I've commented on this before, but it simply amazing that during 1976, which was the Bicentennial of the US, there was hardly any raw, raw, "USA, USA" stuff in these catalogs. Compared to today, it's quite a change.


  1. At least in my small part of the Universe, the Bicentennial was not a big deal. I think the memories of Vietnam, Watergate, and the OPEC oil embargo will still too fresh; 1976 was also the tail end of a 3-year economic recession. Also, that most horrendous of plagues--Disco!--was starting to take off.
    I'm disappointed in the leisure suits shown--you really need a 3-piece (with a vest) to be stylin'.

    1. Oh I agree. A vest really completed the "leisure suit" look. I always thought those things were part of some sort of conspiracy to humiliate young boys.