Friday, February 8, 2013

JCPenney Catalog Pics - Part 2

The mid-70s were a brief time of fashion tranquility in which the fashion hurricane of the late 60s had finally run its course and before the hedonistic flood  of disco fashions of the late 70s.  You can see that in the following pics from JCP in 1974
.  The fashions are almost bland - almost.

Let's check out some really, really fine pics of Kathy and the gang.

"Get in the Peasant Mood" because "It's the Natural choice".  Well, I'm not sure how much of a "choice" being a peasant is.  Nevertheless, Kathy absolutely sparkles in this romanticized image of that life.  If this what the peasant life looks like, sign me up!

Okay, okay, I know I'm getting a little philosophical there.  Let's change the tone to something a little more lighthearted shall we?  What about Kathy in a short dress?  Ah, yes that will do the trick.

Kathy simply looks amazing!  She has that unique ability to look totally at ease while at the same time just killing the scene.

Notice that here in one pic we have an snapshot of the fashion in-betweeness of the mid 70s.  You have a dress that is not quite the mini of the late 60s and the flared pants (with cuffs no less, remember those!) that are not quite the bell bottoms of the late 70s.  However, despite the transitional state, you can almost hear the disco music firing up in the background!  After all Saturday Night Fever is just around the corner!


I know women should be put on a pedestal, but this is a little ridiculous.  I thought that was meant to be taken figuratively, not literally!  Here Kathy and Karen are actually, physically ON A PEDESTAL!   I guess that is to accentuate the length of the dresses.  Kathy really takes advantage of the situation by striking a statuesque pose that is almost swan-like in its elegance.  Also swan-like are the collars which are the almost the size of swan wings!  They almost distract one from her classic "side shot" pose.   Once again we have a collection of flared pants.  Yep, the disco styles of the late 70s are just about ready to explode onto the scene.

We even have a glass slipper featured.  Perhaps one of the peasant girls lost it on her way to the discotheque!  In just a few short years, that glass slipper will be transformed into platform shoes!


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