Monday, November 2, 2015

The Dogs of Mary Quant

"Huh? Has he finally lost his mind?" I'm sure you're thinking after reading that title..  Well not yet.  Allow me to explain.  See, our furry, four legged friends were often props in the Big Book catalogs, and nowhere was this more true than in this JCP photo shoot featuring fashions from Mary Quant. (1)

Well there's certainly no dogs here! Kathy and Susan Dey (2) seem very happy to be wearing the latest Mary Quaint fashions (from London no less.)  Oh wait, on second look there IS a dog at the bottom.  At first I thought a rodent had sneaked into the frame.  He should watch out, or he'll get smooshed by one of those heels that Kathy and Susan are sporting!

Okay, no doubt about THIS guy!  There's no way he'll get mistaken for a rat.  He seems very, very content.  And why not?  He's the center of attention.

No sir, this guy isn't budging one bit!  I believe that he is in the exact same spot as the previous pic. And with beautiful models fawning over him, I can't blame him.

How many different hounds did they have for this shoot?  Looks like Susan is trying to pull that dog over.  He's not having any of that.  Nope.  He's staying put.  You have to love the groovy threads that Susan is wearing.  It looks like she just stepped off the set of The Partridge Family.

Hey!  That's the same beenie that Kathy was wearing earlier.

Well this fellow isn't quite as calm as his buddies.  I'm not sure what he's up to here. And based on the looks from Susan and friend, they seem a little concerned also.  I guess that's one of the hazards of having animals on the set!

I'm not sure what to say about this pic because I'm not sure how the dogs tie into anything,

Well finally the dogs have been to the background and the models are up front.  Somehow there's something oddly strange about this photo. The purse seems to have been photo shopped in later.

You're probably thinking "Hey enough with the canines, what happened to  Kathy?"
There's Kathy again!  Susan appears to be distracted by the dog (lucky mutt, yeah I'm jealous.)

It seems that the beenie has been stolen by this fellow.  I guess you can see that this post has at long last "gone to the dogs!"


(1) Mary Quant was an influential fashion designer in London during the mid 60s and 70s.  She is generally credited with popularizing the min skirt and later hot pants.  Not a bad resume at all!!

(2) Of course you know Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge on The Partridge Family.  The show began in September of 1970, so this shoot must have been taken not long before that.


  1. Love this post! Kathy looks adorable in that first pic and I would definitely wear that outfit now.
    Thanks so much for sharing these pix; I always look forward to your posts.
    xx, Kristi

    1. Thanks so much for your comments! Kathy does look good in that pic, and it is something that one could wear today. There are some classics that never go out of style!

  2. I love your blog! Thank you for all your efforts!!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. I really enjoy running this blog. It has brought back a lot of great memories from the 70s for me!