Thursday, January 9, 2020

Random Weirdness: Life With Dogs

Or should I say modeling with dogs.....

The models are working hard to make this an "action" pic, but the dogs are like "Whatever, when do I get my treat??"  Kathy even has to trip over one in order to get it to move!!

Well if the dogs won't move, maybe try and pick them up???  Nah that didn't work either.  They're still chill about the whole thing.  Even though Karen is getting some attention.  Maybe these dogs see the winter coats and are like "Nope, not going out in teh cold weather today!!!?

So now they are resorting to witchcraft to make the dogs move?!?!  It sure looks like that with Kathy in that crazy hooded cape!!  "Come om, come on, doggie, DO SOMETHING!!"  But the dog is still like "Nah, just give me the treat and we're good!"

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